Biggest Content Mistakes

Biggest Content Mistakes

Biggest Content Mistakes


Mistake #1

Trying to save on building a website.
It can be big mistake to try to write your content yourself or you’re staff.

Investing in you’re business.
You need to look at the front end and back end.

Mistake #2

Not doing the right thing on your content. Every presentation, sales call. Can be digitized and be permanent. Get this automated immediately.

Everyone claims they are a specialist. Your focus is  to know how to utilize your content. You will need to make a list of services of the top 10 questions your clients ask. We find that clients get stuck on content writing, but they are actually repeating this content on a daily basis in sales calls, customer service, etc.

Tammy Kling, author and ghostwriter helps to get your legacy and brand in book form.

Having a book can get you aligned with your clients and rise above your competition.

Mistake #3

80% focus on marketing to consumers and often ignore great potential other markets. That can be a huge break through.

What to do.

  • Get a coach
  • You can’t afford to not do it right
  • Get you’re words documented.