Business Strategic Planning

Business Strategy Planning

Business Strategic Planning

Business Strategic Planning

On this episode of the 12 Step Road Map, Keynote speaker, Jennifer Bagley shares insights into success and how to get there.

Are you aware that in the not so distant future our children will employees, employers, clients or competitors? And what they are doing, and how they are doing it often shows up how many businesses are operating. If we are to achieve the success they do we need to rethink what we are about, what we want and how we intend to get there.

To achieve accelerated suv=ccess in today’s business environment we must leverage our time by involving what we do toward High Leveraged Activities. We do that by doing the right things in the right order at the right time. When Jennifer created the 12 Step Road Map to accelerated results training program it was designed to help businesses formulate effective strategy, content, websites, branding, video, mobile, social media, SEO, email, CRM, local and PPC. We all have the same amount of time to do what we do. The question then, isn’t do we have the time, but rather, how do we use the time we have? You see, time is divided in two seperate categories – time spent doing thisng manually, inefficiently and repetitivly; or time spent leveraging the power of duplication, replication and automation. A success business strategy should be based on training, coaching, strategic advice and reporting.

Some business strategic planning goals that we should be developing:

Increasing our lead generation, growing our customer referrals, up selling to our existing customer base; solidifying our customer retention, and improving our daily operations.

The starting point of these processes begins with clarity, focus and execution. Without clarity of what you do, how you do it, and who you are aiming to reach, you are operating withou a focus, and without a focus you can never execute effectively which means you cannot WIN!.

One of your most powerful tools is your website and your blog. With these tools you can maximize the power of the life cycle, development, functionality, design, conversions and website purpose. That equates effective branding. Branding is defined by having a professional logo, a well designed “Google friendly” website, an effective social media presence, utlizing video, print and signage.

Stop for a moment and read what Jennifer calls the “Personal Promise”.

I promise to protect and leverage my time, money, resources, relationships and technology.

Now, read that again.

Having a quality product, service or message is a good start, but that alone will not mean you will be successful. Success in today’s environment requires an effective SEO  strategy based on on page and off page tools that addresses the fact you are relevant, current and trusted.

You must also have an effective social media strategy based on “The Protector” which means that you are focused on following, sharing, commenting, auto posting, fan building and branding versus “The Aggressor” which moves only toward the development of editorial calendars, campaigns, list building, engaging, converting and targeting. Relationship via engagement!

As was stated earlier, in the not so distant future, our children will be employees, employers, our clients or competitors. Are you prepared for that? Or better yet, are you preparing for that? To reach the new generation, you can’t only use the past generation’s tools. A product isn’t sufficient; a website isn’t enough. So what do we need to reach the new up-and-coming leaders? Mobile. Mobile is the necessary next step. How do you start? Develop a mobile app, make sure you have a mobile friendly responsive website, utilize sms text marketing and communications. Put who you are and what you do where the next geberation’s eyes are already looking.

Take advantage of the power of video to offer welcomes, testimonials, trainings, and how to’s. By using these tools, you are preparing your “package” to go viral and you will reach more people than you ever could using the old traditional tools and stategies.

Another effective tool is PPC. Take advantage of the free tool offered by Google – Adwords. Add to that the power of re-targeting and Facebook advertising. You must keep in mind your short term goals and your  long term goals remembering the power of compounding interest.

Yesterday is gone. Today is upon us. If we are to succeed today, we must change the way we think, so we can change the results we achieve. Think bigger than your business. Aim to succeed in every area of your life. Set high business goals, sure, but don’t stop there, set high and lofty life goals  – you have the capacity and ability to choose without restriction!!! You can go through life trying to win, or you can decide to be a winner as you go through life winning.

Where do you start? By deciding to take action – today!

Jennifer BagleyJennifer Bagley is a videotrepreneur that uses the power of video to effectively share what she has learned about what works, what doesn’t, what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing.