Content and Website Strategy For CEO’s

Content and Website Strategy for CEO's

Content and Website Strategy For CEO’s

Building a website can be complex and successful CEOs seem to not have time to create a proper website to develop their brand.

The home page is very important to create you’re brand.

Next is creating the about you or us. Tammy teaches to create your beginning, middle and end.

After the introduction. Next is getting each page ready for Google to see. This is one of biggest hurdles.

Tammy can help with getting the content by doing a forensic that can create marketing collateral.

Jennifer discusses the layers of the site. Content, Infra-structure and proper labeling. You are writing for your customer and google.

You must write about your customer, that speaks to them in a way that connects with them.

You must cover reaching your customers and google. Your words are currency

Web development. Design is easy. The content is often the stumbling block.