Content Creation With Author Tammy Kling

Content Creation with Tammy Kling

Content Creation With Author Tammy Kling

There are 3 sections to a great book. Which Tammy uses the house example

  • Beginning: Where you are setting the solid foundation. The house of rock.
  • Middle: Where you are setting up the framework for the book. The walls to the house.
  • End: The time to paint, decorate your house to your preference. Strategically organizing and placement.

Doesn’t matter if it is a book, a video or preparing for a speaking event.

So section one is also like a Birth, the middle as the heartbeat and the end is establishing your legacy. Tammy uses this same idea with clarity with hundreds of her clients.

Content Development.


The Beginning section should have 3 chapters. It is the Foundation of the entire book.

What do you tell the reader. (What do you tell to 1,000 employees you about to speak to for a national conference?)

  • Who am I?
  • What do I do?
  • Why should they care?

Build your foundation on rock not sand.  Remember People want credibility and authenticity.

Middle Section

Section 2: Is the Heartbeat of the story.

Will usually take up chapters 4,5,6,7.
If a story about you it would be about your entire life.

End Section

Would lead to the Final chapters. 8,9,10
The end of the story and practical knowledge here.

Just don’t leave your audience with questions.
Your message should be clear and inspire a call to action
The same goes with videos, speaking, books and websites.

The End section is very tactical in that it represents only what you can say.

Where you tell people what to do with what they read about your story. You give the answers.