Step 2: Content


How to write a book and spin it.

Session 3/18/2014

How to write a book and spin it to monetize it with CEO of Jennifer Bagley and VP of Communications Tammy Kling. The 12 Step Roadmap Training has been a huge hit and attendees are looking forward to the weekly sessions. Strategists and Marketing experts Jennifer Bagley CEO of CI Web Group and Tammy Klng, VP of Communications are providing great content. Today’s session was on how to write a book and spin it to monetize it.


Content Forensics and Auditing

Session 3/11/2014

Tammy Kling, VP Communications and Content and Jennifer Bagley with CI Web Group.

Tammy Kling is an international author whose work is recognized all over the world, including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra, and Primetime. Her mission is to transform lives through the power of words. An amazing thought leader.


Content and Communications with Tammy Kling

Session 3/4/2014

Converting Content to Cash with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group with special guest, Tammy Kling, Director of Communications of CI Web Group. So what is the 12steproadmap training all about with Jennifer Bagley? Want a dose of strategy, how to’s….., motivation, exposure to VIP guests and partners like Tammy Kling? Tammy Kling, VP Communications and Content and Jennifer Bagley and CI Web Group.


Tammy Kling speaking for TEDx

Tammy Kling is an international best selling author who writes books that change lives.

Tammy has been featured on The Discovery Channel and Dateline NBC, among others. Her books are sold in 32 countries.
She is well known for her work with the homeless and gang members, through a life skills writing workshop designed for restoration of individuals and families.
Tammy is the CEO of The Writers Group, a hybrid company that creates books, websites and intellectual property for corporations, while giving back.


Content is King.

Your content is your message to your clients and can be a force for customer conversions if done correctly. Consider hiring a expert content writer to get on track and develop the right content.

The right content in the right place is important for google and customer conversions.
Some content is permanent, versus some is temporary

Bottom line great content is critical to marketing your business.
If you and your team is repeating the same message.
Then digitize it.

Video, Search, Mobile, Social, Web, none of it works if you don’t have proper content.

Having great content can literally help you from achieving no results to average results to incredible results.


Content Creation with Author Tammy Kling.

Content creation with author Tammy Kling, CEO of The Writers Group, Best Selling Author & Speaker.

There are 3 sections to a great book. Which Tammy uses the house example.

  • Beginning: Where you are setting the solid foundation. The house of rock.
  • Middle: Where you are setting up the framework for the book. The walls to the house.
  • End: The time to paint, decorate your house to your preference. Strategically organizing and placement.

So section one is also like a Birth, the middle as the heartbeat and the end is establishing your legacy. Tammy uses this same idea with clarity with hundreds of her clients.


Jennifer Bagley Tammy Kling Biggest Content Mistakes

Content creation with Tammy Kling, CEO of The Writers Group, Best Selling Author & Speaker.

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes company owners do.

  • Failure to invest wisely in their online presence properly.
  • Not using technology to their full advantage. Like digitizing FAQ’s, utilizing video to create credibility and company branding.
  • Not seeing potential other demographic customers.



Content and Website Strategy For CEO’s

Building a website can be complex and successful CEOs seem to not have time to create a proper website to develop their brand. The home page is very important to create you’re brand.

Next is creating the about you or us. Tammy teaches to create your beginning, middle and end.After the introduction. Next is getting each page ready for Google to see. This is one of biggest hurdles.

Tammy can help with getting the content by doing a forensic that can create marketing collateral.Jennifer discusses the layers of the site. Content, Infra-structure and proper labeling. You are writing for your customer and google.

You must write about your customer, that speaks to them in a way that connects with them.You must cover reaching your customers and google. Your words are currency

Web development. Design is easy. The content is often the stumbling block.


Creating Content for SEO

Session 7/1/2014

Creating Content for SEO with Jennifer Bagley. Thinking about how your clients are finding you is the first step. Doing specific pages on your top key phrases can be key. You want your post to be at least 1500 words. You will need to select your short key word phrase and mention this at least 3-5 times in your post. One page per phrase/service/product/variation of product. The variations are very apparent in the HVAC industry like insulation, maintenance, service, repair, company.

Take an example like with a the menu done very strategically. The pages were done for SEO and each page is a keyword that is being work on. Each page should be educational and informative, with great CTA to get a free estimate.