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Content is typically the least budgeted and most important part of your website and digital marketing strategy.  There are various types of content writers all with varied skills, costs, collaboration, customization, speed, quality and target results. Most businesses will start with the least expensive option – SEO Writers.  They specifically create unique content with Google Search Engine requirements in mind, with the goal of achieving rankings through Search Engine Optimization (on page and off page) resources. This content needs to be customized by the business owner to directly reflect the business owners language and target audiences needs, without altering the keyphrase usage throughout the content.  Small wording changes and adding more content is always recommended. Copywriters are more expensive and more collaborative – typically spending time with the business owner to understand the culture, language and specifically reference things related to the business owners experience and tribal knowledge.  This is typically used for non-SEO pages like about us, our mission, some blogs, authority pages, white papers, etc. Combining both, a copywriter and SEO writer is the ideal option if you don’t want to do the content editing/customization in house, but it does add time, resources and costs. Content development may also include these additional types of content creators: graphics designers, social messaging, video production, etc.  These are all different resources with different expertise needed for a comprehensive marketing strategy as the business grows and expands its marketing efforts.
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