Creating Link Building Referral Partners For Your Website

Link building referral partners



Creating Link Building Referral Partners For Your Website

What does it take to have a successful web site? Good development (structure/coding), good on-page SEO, good off-page SEO AND…credible back-links!

Getting credible back-links is one of the most often overlooked steps in implementing a successful web marketing strategy. One of the reasons is because people aren’t sure how to go about it. Here are a few suggestions:

First Things First – Offensive

To be successful takes proper planning, and having the right priorities. Let’s face it, there are a million things we could be doing in marketing, isn’t there? To achieve accelerated results in a business, one must be involved doing the right things- the right way, so you can focus your time and energy on your critical high leverage activities. Let me share how to go about developing a spot on link building strategy.

First, you need to be aware of what websites have your “handle” available. You can check this out @ If it’s available, snag it – now!  Each of these social sites allow you to have a link (back-link) to your website.    This is vital! If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, outsource it!  It is imperative that all your profiles are complete with name, biography, info, logo, website address and any other information allowed. We can assist you by setting up over 300 social media sites, including custom branding and design on the majors.

First Tings First – Defensive

There are offensive reasons to do this, such as link building and occupying more space on search engines for your brand, but there are also critical defensive reasons for knocking this out quickly!

The more online real estate you own (on Google) the less risk you have of one client posting something negative and it sitting at the top of search engines for prospective customers to run across. At all costs, protect your Brand and your name.  Sad to say, there are competitors who play dirty, and one of their methods is to drag your brand name through the online mud-puddles. Why take that chance unnecessarily? You never know what social media site is going to take off in advance, so don’t chance it, we can assist you by monitoring the social network space and automatically claim these handles for you so you can focus on your business.

Link Building Referral Partner – Who Are they?

First ask yourself the question, who is already your best cheerleader? Ask them for their support and help – satisfied customers want to help. One of the foundational link building strategies is identifying positive existing brand mentions that don’t contain a link. Why? Because the author has already chosen to write about you! No negotiations or meetings necessary – they are already writing about your brand or product and the only real effort they have to take is adding the link.

Link Building Referral Partners | Who is Talking?

Second, ask, who wants to talk about you? With well over 2 billion web pages on the internet and with the constant quest for unique content, people are always looking for fresh topics to discuss. The key is in finding people who desire to write a story…about you! A few key tactics to consider:

  • Social Media Review and Monitoring
  • Review Editorials
  • HARO (Help a Reporter Out) queries:  HARO is an email list you register for to receive requests each day from reporters who need sources for their stories PR-focused links from reporters and bloggers.

Link Building Referral Partners | Consider Your Own Employees.

3. Employees

Employees are your content commodity and your most valuable asset related to new and fresh content as users on your company website. More often than not they often enjoy their job, are excited about the company’s direction, and want to tell the people in their personal and professional networks about where they work. Getting your employees excited about blogging is a no-brainier and can grow your community very quickly because they are knowledgeable, and likely to post and share to multiple social media platforms.

Ways people can connect to the company website, speakers, etc.

  • Email Signatures
  • Social Networks
  • Personal Sites

 Link Building Referral Partners | Consider Your Inner Circle

4. Your inner community, friends and family.

Scarborough Research recently stated that 3.9 million moms in the US recognized themselves as true blue “bloggers”. A Google search for “mommy bloggers” brought back 8 million results. Could it be that one of your friends might be one of those moms? Friends and family are often overlooked when considering link building. We often do not ask them because they are in our inner circle of influence, friends or family. Did you know that the average Facebook user has 130 friends while 21% of LinkedIn users have between 500-999 connections? The connections of your friends and family may go further than you think, so think about speaking to your family.

Oh, and don’t forget about your niche peers!

Link Building Referral Partners | Consider Your Own Customers.

5. Customers

The power of word of mouth is the greatest asset you have when you are trying to build your online referral network. Customer referrals can be huge and business changing. Your customers have a voice, an opinion and can fall in love with you which means you can involve them in changing your world. Customer referrals play a bigger part than ever before. This process has the potential to exponentially grow your community and your tribe.

Gathering your army of “raving fans” does take effort and work, but the payoff goes way beyond links. Taking company time off from sales to focus on your most valuable asset, your customers is another game changer. This increased talk is good for your business and link building strategy.

Link Building Referral Partners | Find Your Brand Influencers

6. Find your brand advocates and influencers

It is important to keep in mind that there are people who are big brand advocates and are ready to help you. These are folks that really like your brand and may or may not be a customer. We all know products, services, and vendors that we often will recommend but we are not customers ourselves. We recommend them because we just love the brand and gladly refer others just because of our preference. With so many social media networks available it is easy to discover your brand mentions and find the ‘right’ people to be your brand advocates.

Link Building Referral Partners | Find Your Partners and Distributors

7. Your Partners & Distributors
A huge step in starting your back-linking strategy campaign is to designate your partners and distributors. Keep this task basic and clear. Business partners have the potential to play a huge role in supporting an existing business as well as help discover new business.

Please consider these dynamics as you evaluate existing partners to assist in developing the relationships:

  • Invite them to be interviewed on your blog, live radio show, webinar or Google Hangout.
  • Invite them to be a guest blogger on your current website.
  • Trade blog posts.
  • Get a review from them
  • Plan a joint event together.
  • Inquire whether they have a partners page

The same thing goes with distributors. Distributors already are comfortable helping you sell your product and should feel comfortable linking to your brand. For manufacturers, take a look at distributor websites for line cards. Many of them will link to their manufacturers.

Link Building Referral Partners | Who Else Do You Know?

In today’s business environment, we all have multiple networks at our finger tips to build one great community. Always consider your  friend, family member, or customer as the best person to ask…you never know…

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