Digital Marketing Company – Strategy for Book Authors

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Digital Marketing Company – Strategy for Authors


Tammy Kling, CEO of The Writers Group and Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group have a fireside chat on digital marketing strategy for authors.

291409_10151152511657008_839070888_oTammy Kling:

Best selling author, editor, ghostwriter, TEDx speaker, spiritual truth teacher, leader. International author whose work is recognized all over the world, including the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra, and Primetime.

Her mission is to transform lives through the power of words.

Digital Marketing CompanyJennifer Bagley:

Jennifer’s background includes executive experience in the areas of Supply Chain Strategy, Technology, Operations, Logistics and Distribution for Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama and Fossil. This experience coupled with over a decade of Sales and Marketing Experience has made her a powerhouse business strategist focused on bottom-line results. This is done through a careful focus on having the right technology, the proper strategy, a collaborative network and the right mindset/behavior.

Marketing happens in 3 stages:

The Before, during and after the book launch.

Digital Marketing Company – Before the Event Marketing

Digital Marketing CompanyIn preparation of your book launch your web strategy should already be in motion.

In writing a book, there are certain things that you need to do in advance. Like building a website that represents you and your message clearly and concisely.

Building your social media network  through images, graphics will help to engage your network before the event takes place.

Blog posts, press releases can assist with further promotion prior to the event.

Digital Marketing Company – During the Event Marketing

During the event, pictures, social media posting, press releases, a launch party and testimonials can develop the marketing of the book launch.

Digital Marketing Company – After the Event Marketing

After the book launch several blog posts, videos and podcasts can deliver the message into a permanent marketing voice to your community and the world.

The Power of multiplication with social media with the people in your network gives you the cross pollination that can improve your community grow and develop engagement.