Step 4: Graphic Design


Session 1: Develop Your Brand

Session 7/15/2014

You should be doing this prior to building a website.
Branding Matrix homework
What are you known for. Being strategic about branding yourself. Based on how you want to live as well.

How to utilize video to enhance your branding.

How to utilize Video to enhance your branding and image. Video is an great technological method to develop your digital footprint.

Adding credibility to your business using video.

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group and Founder of 12Step Road map training discusses the importance of utilizing video to enhance credibility.

Branding Design Strategy

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group on the topic Branding Design Strategy. As you develop your brand for your company Video can be an important piece of the puzzle. Get the right strategy recommendations.

Tony Jeary – Your Best Life Ever

This segment is “On Influence” – For over 2 decades Tony has been supporting, advising, and guiding his clients to accelerate extraordinary results. His core methodology, Strategic Acceleration, is based upon 3 core principles: clarity, focus, and execution.

Testimonial on Branding and Design

Testimonial on Branding and Design from The proper branding and design is essential to your digital footprint strategy. Bending time by leveraging technology is key. Get the best of strategy with a social media strategy consultation with a CI Web Group professional.