Jennifer Bagley on How to Convert Time into Cash – with Maurice DiMino

Jennifer Bagley, CEO, Speaker and Strategist presented a lively speech on how to convert

your time into money. She shared moments from her own past and explained how she

decided to change gears completely in life, when she quit her corporate position and started

her career as an entrepreneur. Once she decide upon changing her lifestyle, Jennifer decided

to study entrepreneurs. Then she started hearing about networking events. So she attended

one and found that it was not quite like the meetings she used to have in her corporate days.

She started paying attention to how small and medium sized business owners acted and the

technologies and systems that they used.

Once Jennifer decided upon being the owner of her own business, she also created a creed

of her own. And she also wants you to follow this as the punch-line in your business as well.

It goes like this: you must promise to Protect and Leverage your time, money, resources,

relationships and technology. Often you tend to spend time and make such decisions which

are not protecting your most valuable assets. Under normal circumstances, you can’t possibly

buy back or get back time. But, Jennifer shares her invaluable ideas with you on how to buy

more time.

High Leverage Activities (HLAs)

Jennifer talks about how to convert time into cash. With more hours to spare, you can make

more money. You got to know how to create digital assets that will help you turn your hours

to cash. You have to be able to determine what our high leverage activities are. You will

often find that the incredible speed at which your life is moving seems to take over what we

do, how we think, how we act; we seem to lose control over many different areas. You most

definitely must get them back. For that, Jennifer proposes the following points:

• Clarity – you got to be absolutely clear in your mind on what works, what doesn’t,

what your intentions are and how you are going to make them happen.

• Focus – without clarity you cannot focus.

• Execute – if you can just execute the things that you know you should do, then you

are a genius, as considered by Jennifer. You have 100 percent of everything inside

you, all built – in. You know what you are supposed to do and what you are not

supposed to. It may be so that you do not know how to operate the technology, but

you definitely know that you need to learn.

• If you don’t execute, you will clearly not win.

Ultimately, everything boils down to the question of your ability to communicate. Your life,

business, relationships and friendships are your strengths in your communication. The better

communicator you are, the better result you will be able to produce.

If you are having a child who is below 16 years of age, you have 4 options to interact with

him in a better way. You need to figure out

how to make them work for you

how you can work for them

how to get your child to be interested in your product or service and become a


if you are prepared to compete with the next generation.