How to SEO Your Website?

How to SEO your website.

How to SEO Your Website?


This session of the 12 Step Road Map Training with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group discusses the importance of on-page SEO strategies for WordPress business owners.

Jennifer focuses in this training on sharing with you the latest Google recommendations for on-page SEO techniques designed to improve your search engine page ranking.

When asking the question how to SEO your website, the first thing you must realize is that researching your keywords is essential. Once you have a list of the appropriate keywords, you should make sure you add them at the beginning of your title.

In the content area of your page/post, you should mention your keywords at least once for every 100 words in your blog post. Another tool that you should be employing is the WordPress plugin SEO by Yoast, SEO by Yoast allows you to insert your main keyword, SEO title and description to your post.

Adding your keyword(s) at the beginning of your SEO title is an important ingredient as you SEO your website. Including them in you Meta Description is important as well. Other things that will help your with your ranking is making sure you have a featured image, adding appropriate pictures within your post (all with the proper Alternative Text for SEO purposes). These will drastically improve your ranking.

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Photo of Jennifer BagleyJennifer Bagley is an in-demand Keynote, Digital Marketing, and Business Strategist speakers on the circuit. She is known far and wide for her engaging and entertaining speaking style, as well as, her mastery of Collaborative Marketing Strategies. She is the founder of CI Web Group, a Web Design, SEO, CRM Integration, Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing Agency. Jennifer is the founder of DNet a Collaborative Digital Network and Membership System. She is the creator of the Sales Supply Chain Strategy as well as the 12 Step Roadmap to Accelerated Results.

For over 15 years, Jennifer has been speaking professionally. Her audiences rave about the massive value she imparts to businesses seeking to accelerate their results and grow their business. Jennifer’s extensive background includes executive experience in the areas of Supply Chain Strategy, Technology, Operations, Logistics and Distribution for Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama and Fossil. This wide range of experience coupled together with over a decade of independent Sales and Marketing Experience makes her a powerhouse business strategist focused on bottom-line results. This is accomplished through a careful understanding and focus on having the right technology, the proper strategy, a collaborative network and the right mindset/behavior.

Jennifer is an experienced professional speaker and is available to be the keynote speaker for your conference, event or webinar. Her toolbox topics range cover the gambit ranging from motivational, business strategy, marketing, technology, and personal development. Jennifer’s message is clear, sharing and empowering her audience on how to Achieve Accelerated Results in Love, Life and Business.

Jennifer has 10 years corporate experience in the areas of operations, supply chain strategy, logistics and technology. She is currently the CEO of CI Web Group, a digital marketing agency she founded over a decade ago. Her knowledge of Web Development, Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Business Development, CRM and ERP Integration, allow her to provide powerful presentations on business development, emerging marketing strategies and technology.

Jennifer is also the host of a radio show Achieve Accelerated Results in Love, Life and Business. She also is the founder of the 12 Step Roadmap to Achieve Accelerated Results – a weekly webinar series designed to help you build your business.