HVAC Website Workout : Digital Training Session

Superior Air Systems

HVAC Website Workout with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group.

Website Workout : Superior Air Systems

superior air systems

First Guest: Susan Martinez with Superior Air Systems. New website that just launched.


Jennifer mentioned working in your business should be working on your business.
Justin Atkinson with Trinity Event Staffing is a great example. A great CEO, that outsources and often takes the time to work on his business.

Super Air Systems website originally was in tables. So to get their website started their platform was created rather quickly.

Production before perfection.

Superior Air Systems Recommendations:

  • We recommended the phone # made into text versus an image. That way folks on a mobile phone can easily call when on the site.
  • The home page is very simple and clear on their products.
  • We recommended for their pdf download to instead be set up as a form to sign visitors up for their newsletter and then automatically have them get a free download on energy savings tips.

If you live in a larger metropolitan area you will need to invest more in SEO, in smaller cities you can get by with less.

Jennifer discussed the time you invest on your website is for the long term and does not have to take long if you work smart. Individual pages were optimized during this session for maximal google traffic.

Website Workout : Hoveln Heating and Cooling Inc

Hoveln Heating and Cooling

Second Guest: Shari Hoveln with Hoveln Heating and Cooling Inc.


Hoveln Heating and Cooling Inc. is in a crazy busy season and needed their heating pages up immediately. Their 2 top calls are service or tune up. Jennifer went to work to create optimized pages for heating. Jennifer illustrated how you can label your pages with great keywords and then edit the label in the menu so it appears what you select so instead of “heating and furnaces” it would read “heating”.

In order to get into googles drawer you need to title your page for things people are looking for. So if people are typing in HVAC services, HVAC heating, best heating in Dallas Tx, etc. You will need a page to represent each keyword folks are using to find you. If you are trying to get to the top of the heap with google, you will need to get busy on writing content related to your keywords and create those pages. You will need those pages in the menu and keep in mind you can have several menus on WordPress.

Setting up different sliders with CTA’s were discussed for improved conversions.

Jennifer also illustrated how to add geographic area terms to improve google ranking.

Join us for the next 12StepRoadMap series as we work on our different clients website needs.