HVAC Website Workout : Digital Training

Website Workout : Folkes Heating Inc

HVAC Website Workout with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group.

First Guest: Rush Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Great client in development and near time for Go Live from Greenwood, S.C.

HVAC Website Workout : Website Review

Website Workout Rush Heating and Cooling INC

Website Workout Rush Heating and Cooling INC

In review we found the development website was set up well for conversions. Jennifer discussed the importance of having your website to tell a story.  To make it easy for people to identify what you do.

Sometimes later as your website grows you may find that certain items can slow your website load time and you may need a re-design.

Jennifer went over several key points to include mentioning the keywords at the beginning of your post.

On page SEO was done with a main menu page title change to improve potential google traffic.

Mastering this basic process can really make a difference on google ranking for business owners.

There are several potential solutions to develop as you progress. Our last 12steproadmap training discussed Advanced SEO Review which pointed out the critical elements to mastering the SEO for your website.

During the training Jennifer optimized several of the pages with the client and discussed the process of on page SEO.

HVAC Website Workout : Website Review with Folkes Heating Inc.

Next Guest was the “Good Folkes People” at www.folkesheating.com

screenshot-by-nimbus (84)This client is following the SEO program perfectly and their website has been live for about 4 months. Ductless Heating System was well placed on google positioning.

This client is performing well with Ductless Heating and improvement possibilities were further discussed. The Menu was rearranged for heating and ac.

Interior links were discussed and recommended to improved Google traffic. Categories and blog posts ideas were discussed.

The strategy is now to fine tune your pages and create quality content instead of quantity.

Join us for the next 12StepRoadMap series as we work on our different clients website needs.