Landing Page Strategy

Landing Page Strategy

Creating and developing the irresistible offer on your web page that highly converts is the first step to growing your list of followers, that want to hear from you and what you have to offer. Landing pages are helpful in creating your funnel of leads, therefore optimization of those pages is a critical item to develop. Small changes can make a huge impact on your website conversions.

So what should you do to fully optimize your landing pages? What needs to stay versus what needs to go?

Step I

Landing Page Strategy – Key Elements

Landing Page Design Strategy


Learn the nine key elements of high converting landing page design, how to maximize usability and SEO, and how to test effectiveness and calculate your ROI.

1. A clear and focused headline.

This should include your short sentence describing your products and services to your visitors.With a subheading, explaining the benefit to your readers.

2. Image or Video.

Meeting people where they are. Several visitors prefer an image or great video over text. Include a video that describes your services and products. Show your visitors actual pictures of your services or products. Maybe with a link to before and after demonstrations, if that visual represents a service or product with your company.




Landing Page Strategy

3. Benefits

Makes this short and sweet. Bullet points!! What makes you different from the competition. Additional add ons that maybe save them money, time or both.

4. Call To Action

Make these stand out. Use colors, links and buttons that don’t blend with your website design. Make sure the buttons made are something that you would click on and make sense.

Landing Page Strategy

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5. Page Fold (Above the Fold)

Make sure your most important elements are above the fold. Not everyone has huge screen computers. So make sure you focus on your important messages for above the fold.

Landing Page Strategy

6. Links

Keep it simple. Make your options and navigation really simple. Stay laser beamed focus on what you are trying to get your visitor to do.

7. Description

Here is where you give great content on explaining your products and services. Get your best pictures in here to entice them.  Your copy here should be focused on getting their attention on your individual product or service. Get into their needs and pain and offer them the solutions.

8. Customer Testimonials

Get with your cheerleaders and happy customers with your company and have them do a video or written testimonial.  Customer testimonials can actually be placed in multiple areas of your site.

Landing Page Strategy


9. Trust

Time to show your awards, credentials and logos of vendors and strategic partners. The company you keep will become your greatest asset with your conversion rate.

Step II

Landing Page Strategy – Maximize your SEO and landing page usability

Remember you have 2 audiences. Google and your visitor. Here are a few key points to get the best out of your landing page.

1. Keyword Focus

Use your great keyword or phrase in your title tag.

2. Meta Description

Create a unique and exciting meta description in your back office of your WordPress. We recommend the plug in SEO by Yoast.) This is what will improve your true, organic traffic so make your words count. This is the short clip that google shows when you do your google search. See below for the illustration.

Landing Page Strategy

3. Create your well written and catchy title.

Use your strong keyword in your title, preferably at the beginning. Remember your audience are the new readers. Think about yourself for a minute and ask yourself do you open all of your emails? Probably not, you read the title or subject first. Depending on what it says, we either open, delete or mark as spam. Your title to your blog article is your one shot with people that don’t know you. Works similar with your folks using google and searching for your keyword. They will read your title and meta description and decide from there it is a go or no go. So make it count with your title and meta description!!!

4. Use Header Tags

Every 100 words insert your keyword as H2 title, which will be scannable by google and will organize your content for your visitors.

You can find the area for placing header tags in your editor area.

Landing Page Strategy


You can find the header selections by clicking on the down arrow to the right of paragraph. You then will get your selections.

Landing Page Strategy

5. Picture Layout

Create a well organized layout with properly optimized pics.

Landing Page Strategy

Make sure in the media library that your pictures are titled and you have the keyword in the alternative text section for each picture you use in your blog post. You may have a favorite picture you want to use in multiple posts. If so, upload that picture with title to include the keyword and add it for the alternative text.

6. Outbound Links

Create outbound links to build your credibility and improve your google ranking.

7 Social Media Sharing

Your crowd needs an easy way to share your message and story. Make sure your social media sharing is up to date and connected. Add an additional spice to the pot, by utilizing great plug ins that bring your conversations from your commenting on your website to facebook and back to your website. The hub is where it is at. Don’t have the time to check all of your social media accounts. Get smart, automated and learn the tools that work.

Landing Page Strategy

8. Call To Actions

Make your offer with an irresistible Call To Action. Make sure if that Call To Action leads to another page location that it has clear instructions on what to do next.

Landing Page Strategy

 Step III

Landing Page Strategy – Test and Measure

1. Types of Testing

A/B Testing is the easy way to something in place and implemented faster. It will consist of a control page (the main squeeze….literally) and the second version on the theme, often designed different. The benefits to this type of testing  – Easier, faster results and implementation. The bad news will be cause to effect will be unclear. The why one page worked better than the other will not be clear to the analyst.

Multivariate Testing is multi-variations on the theme, thus measuring the why is much easier to determine. Results are easier to measure and require less work in design. This method is harder to calculate conversion results.

2. Landing Page Variations

The control versus new testing pages are variable according to certain elements.

  •  Layout
  • Images/Videos
  • Text
  • Price or Effort of Action
  • Testimonials
  • Trust elements.

3. Measure Your Results – ROI

There are several factors when choosing your winning landing page.

  • Measure your true conversions. Conversion rate=Conversions/Visitors
  • Measure your conversion count/month and document it.
  • How much did our landing page costs?
    • Design/Development
    • SEO work
    • Traffic
    • ROI  Conversion Count #/Landing Page Costs
  • Find your winner
  • Refresh, improve and go back to home base.

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For a great overview of the above. Please see the graphic below.

Landing Page Strategy

Credits to for the great infographic.

Here are just a few reports on website changes to increase conversions:

    1. Updated Design Increases Conversions 33%

    2.  Making Copy Action Oriented Causes 93% More People to Click

    3. Clear Homepage Helps Weather Channel Increase Conversions 225%

    4. Adding a Picture of a Person Increases Highrise Signups by 102.5%

    5. Improved Value Proposition Causes 128% More Visitors to Register for Games

    6. Making Call to Action More Prominent Increases Conversions 591%

    7. Adding Reviews Boosts Conversions More Than 35%

    8. Redesigning Pricing Page Brings 25% More Conversions

    9. Changing Homepage Makes Visitors 2-3x More Likely to Buy

    10. Adding Testimonials Increases Conversions 34%

    11. Conversions Increase 2.20% When Website Flow is Redesigned

    12. Changing Button Color to Red Increases Conversions 21%

    13. Red Color on CTA Increases Conversions 2.5%

    14. Protecting Purchases with Bonds Improves Conversions 10.4%

    15. Protecting Purchases with Bonds Improves Conversions 10.4%

    16. Adding Google Site Search Increases Conversions 11%

    17. 21% Improvement in 30 Days with a Website Redesign

    18. 400% Conversion Rate Improvement by Removing One Image

    19. Image Slider Outperforms Video by 30%

    20. Proving Authenticity Increases Sales 107%

    21. Showing Price on Landing Page Doubles Lead Generation

    22. eCommerce Site Removes a Filter and Increases Site Engagement by 27%

    23. AMD Increases Social Sharing 3600%

    24. Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment 26%

    25. Bigger Button Makes For Bigger Conversion Rate