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10.7.20 How to Double Down on your Lead Generation Strategies – Strength, Endurance and Power

Garima October 22, 2020

Webinar date 10.7.20

How To Double Down on you Lead Generation Strategies – Strength, Endurance and Power

How do you grow your business the right way? It is important to understand how the tools and strategies are interconnected. Now is the time to make sure you are advancing your company forward, meeting consumers where they are and leveraging all the technologies available to you in the industry.

12 Steps to Success

The 12 Step Program is designed to accelerate results for all heating and cooling business owners. Each step is designed to work with the next. With even one step missing, the program will not be successful. Once you see and understand how they work together you will properly be able to formulate a strategy. 

Make Yourself an Option

When customers go look for something online you need to be an option on Google. This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. By being an option you are effectively putting your name, contact details, information and services in front of those searching. Your marketing strategy needs to have the goal of making you an option on page one of Google. There are a number of ways to reach that number one spot. Ensure that you are listed for every service that you provide, in every area that you offer that service. If they can’t find you, that business is lost to a company that is visible.

Customer Demand

Customer demand plays a huge role in the strategy that your marketing team will follow. The first question that needs to be answered is who is searching for what services in which area. Research needs to be carried out regularly. Using research results from a previous year won’t be of any help to you in the current year because the industry and the needs of customers are not static, change is the one thing you can depend on. By properly evaluating the market you will ensure that your money and time is being directed in the correct areas of your business. 


Keywords are essentially problems or required solutions that customers are searching on Google. By understanding which keywords are prevalent at any given time will help you to properly formulate and direct your marketing strategies. Keyword research is a vital piece of your marketing puzzle. Create pages on your website that are directed towards each of these keywords. Depending on the number of competitive pages when searching any given search term, you may need to increase the content on your corresponding page and make changes to make your page interactive and keep them engaged. Pages that don’t appeal to the customer, or are ugly and uninformative will send your bounce rate soaring high and effectively crumble that particular marketing campaign. 

Website vs Pages

All marketing does is drive people who have a need to a page that has an answer. The page lies within your website. The aim is not to drive traffic to the website but rather to each landing page that is relevant to that search. You need to ensure that you have a page that offers a solution to each problem that customers are searching for. Each page is a sales tool for your business. The point of a website is to drive business. A website that nobody visits isn’t increasing your revenue in any way. When you bring someone to one of your pages you need to ensure that you are ready to do business. This is your front door. 

Your page design will affect the results you obtain when customers reach this page. Custom page design, content and SEO have an enormous impact on who visits your page, stays on your page and actually completes a sale. Give your customers what they want and put the information in front of them immediately. Allow booking, scheduling, estimation and payment options through this page. Close the deal right then and there. 


As you go from step to step in the 12 Step Program your growth will begin to accelerate.

Once you have taken care of your company branding, the technology that supports your systems and ecommerce options, content is required to fill the pages. Content can be anything from the written word to pictures and videos. Content must be informative and engaging. Content is not a once off  project, this needs to be changed and updated regularly. Make your website one that is easy to navigate. It must offer the customer the opportunity to do everything that they could do in person via this platform. Your marketing strategy needs to put you at the front of the drawer rather than at the back. 

Your marketing goal should be to put you on the first page of Google. Be in front of the audience searching for your services. If you aren’t there, they won’t find you and that is in effect business lost. The CI Web Group 12 Step Program will put you on the road to success. This is the time to work on your business instead of in it. Visualise where you want to be and focus on getting there.