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Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset

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  10. Reinvent Your Marketing, Messaging, And Mindset | CI Web Group Webinar | 04-08-2020
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12 Step Fast Track – HVAC Web and Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic and Leads

Garima October 21, 2020

HVAC Web & Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic and Leads CI Web Group is a full-service digital marketing and design agency. CI Web Group specializes in web, search, social, mobile, video, email, graphic design, and more. Our clients gain an unmatched advantage when leveraging our international team of experts to “achieve accelerated results”! Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and deliver value even beyond what was agreed upon, and that you thought possible. Google “CI Web Group Reviews” and “Achieve Accelerated Results” to get a small representation of what our clients think about our work and performance. OUR DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIVITIES STRIVE TO ACHIEVE TWO GOALS: Mastery of operation by leveraging technology – doing the right things, in the right order, so that revenue grows faster, technology is perfected to run at peak performance, allowing your business goals to be met. Company Value – growing shareholder equity, and building net worth through continuous improvements on your sales and marketing strategies and execution. CI WEB GROUP DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS: Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Custom Design and Branding, Content Creation, Custom WordPress Website Development, Online Invoicing, ECommerce Development, Learning Management, System Development, Intranet and Membership System Development, WordPress Website Hosting & Support, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogging Strategies, Local Listings And Reviews Management, Email Newsletter Design and Campaign Deployment, Online Reputation Management, Customer Relationship Management Technologies, Mobile App Design and Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video Production and Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations Technology Training

12 Step Fast Track – HVAC Web & Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic and Leads

Now is the time where getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the way forward in the “new normal”.  There are 12 steps to follow in order to reach your true growth potential as a business. This systematic approach to your business development should be one where you implement the right things, in the right order and at the right time. 

Your Website, Your Story

Your website is a vital cog in the process of growing your business. This is how your past, current and potential customers can view the services you offer, read reviews from previous customers or find out how to get in touch with you.

There are certain technical aspects that do need to be considered and mastered in order to ensure that your website does the work it is intended. Your domain authority requires attention. If your domain authority is low there is no use in replacing it with another website unless you have a strategy in place to build up the domain authority. If your current website is a WordPress site it should not be replaced with another website unless there is a strong SEO and content plan in place. If your website lacks cutting-edge conversion tools you need to make sure they get installed. As you are all well aware by now, content is king. If you have a current website in place that has for instance 20 – 25 pages, you should not consider replacing it with another website or rebuilding the website until you have 20 – 50 pages of quality content in hand. Content is how Google finds your website according to searches and keywords inputted. Content allows Google to file your website and pages accordingly within the huge, proverbial, filing cabinet.

This ideal website allows you to make money whether it is during working hours, sleep hours, when you are on holiday or even when you are off work ill. This is what CI Web Group aims to achieve.


When building a brand you need to know exactly who you are, who you want to target and how you want to enrich their lives. Understanding these three factors will put you on the right path to growth in the direction that you want as a business. Being unique is something that isn’t as easy as you would think unless you are confident in who you are, who you want to service and what services you want to offer. Standing out from the throngs of other service providers is how you get noticed and singled out above all others. 


While your website can be compared to a store front, the pages of content reflect the products you sell. Keeping your content relevant, interesting and up to date will keep your customers intrigued to come back for more. A website that is empty or filled with useless information will undoubtedly be launched quickly but it won’t earn you any more money.

Converting Interest to Sales 

 The more people interested in your services the better, however the more that actually make a move on their interest and purchase a service or equipment, the better for your overall bottom line. There are a number of ways to stir up interest in your business. Word of mouth advertising is one of the oldest in the book, however, adjustment to the “new normal” doesn’t allow for as much of that as it did in the past. Ranking on Google searches is an important factor and one that holds a lot of weight. A vast majority of potential customers have been and are still cooped up within the four walls of their home and searching the internet is how they find the answers to anything and everything. Make sure that your business can be found. If they can’t find you, they can’t support you.

It is important to make use of all avenues for advertising and marketing purposes. Local advertising ensures that you target potential customers within your region of service. Use search engine optimization on your website to specify and target specific services and the areas in which they are offered. By doing this you will target those particular customers searching for what you offer in the area you offer it. 

Social media marketing has become an essential part of any business marketing plan. While in the past, social media platforms may have been viewed as simply a social site, this is now very far from the truth. Create a business page on Facebook that works for your business. Keep it current and use this platform to communicate with your customer base. 

Paid advertising

It is true that organic searches will bring in considerable business if you have properly optimized your website and made the most of potential keywords and keyphrases. Paid advertising is another option to consider. This kind of advertising will bring traffic to your website but it will cost you, whereas organic traffic doesn’t. You will be billed per click. When someone clicks the advertised link and goes through to your website you will be charged accordingly. As you are paying for the service, it is extremely important to do everything within your power to keep the potential customer on your website for as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more possibility of converting this traffic to sales. In order to maintain the attention of your client base, your website must be up to date, interesting, informative and provide the option for your customer to be serviced right there and then if possible.

Business On The Go

Operating your business from absolutely anywhere is the direction that you should be aiming for your company. There is no need to be chained to a desk, in an office. You too can do business on the go. The ability to respond to emails, messages and calls quickly and efficiently improves your chances of landing the business. Customers want to be helped right away, not when you have a chance to check your email back at the office.

Keeping Your Marketing Fresh and Interesting

It is true to say that content is the vital cog in your marketing process, other factors also play a considerable role. High quality images and videos are a draw card that must not be underestimated. You need to keep your potential customers on the website long enough to actually engross themselves in the content. Visuals provide you with a way in which to get a message across quickly and with flair. 


There are so many different devices that people use to access the internet these days. In the past, computers or laptops were the norm, however, as technology has progressed, more devices came into the picture. Make sure that you optimize your site to be accessed and viewed on any device. People are on the move and they want their information on the move as well. Ensure that your site offers usability regardless of the device.

Business is taking a new direction to match the “new normal” and if you don’t jump on the train it is going to run right over you.