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CI Web 101 – Basics Digital Marketing: Step 1 – 3 of the 12 Step Roadmap

Michael October 22, 2020

During this session we will review the following:

How consumers search for your products & services How your dealers position and look in the digital space impacts your sales How to use the internet to identify High performing dealers Low performing, high opportunity dealers What are the very BASICS every dealer should have in place to be in business and what’s the budget Website Base Pages Technology / Maintenance Conversion Tools Reporting Tools How to sign up your dealers for: Free Digital Evaluation Free Strategy Session with one of your CI Web Account Executives HVAC Marketing Website (Phase 1)

CI Web 101 – Basics Digital Marketing: Step 1-3 of the 12 Step Roadmap

How do you engineer your success and conquer your territory? 

As technology, times and customer requirements change it is vital to make the necessary shifts to your digital platforms and strategies. It is a well-known fact that at this time people Google whatever they are looking for. How people use Google may have changed over time, however, they do use Google to find solutions. This is where you need to concentrate your energy. After all, this is what your customers want. 

You need to be an option for the service you offer in the area you are offering it in order to ensure that you increase your sales in a reliable manner. Entrepreneurs are after freedom and time. They want success. They want their phones to be ringing off the hook.

Website and Brand

It is vital to do the right things at the right time and in the right order. Strategy and tactics differ, however one without the other will not work as you expect. You have to identify where you are now, where you want to be and how you will get yourself in a position to get there. 

How do you get your website set up for success? You have to be an option for your services in the areas you want to offer the services and look the best when you get there. There is no use being on page one of Google with a poor website because you won’t convert any sales like that. Digital reputation and HVAC marketing strategy play a huge role in how successful you are. 

Change is Necessary for Growth

In the environment that we are in now, it is important that changes are made to the framework structure of websites to suit the size of each company in question. CI Web Group has been working on these changes for around six months and has created something that will suit every business size. Websites require changes frequently. Sitting with the same site for years on end will leave you obsolete. 

CI Web Group Solutions

An addition to the way CI Web offers websites is a new type of website that is quick to launch and packs a punch in the digital space. This particular website allows suppliers to have a website set up and running quickly without compromising quality. This is a fast, high quality solution. 

www.hvacmarketingwebsites.com is where you can view the various templates and options on websites, including this quick solution. It is important for websites to be secure. They should also be interactive and have the ability to be accessed from a variety of devices. Each page should have its own indicators on Google search that will allow that page to be filed correctly and accessed when searched by potential customers. Remember that the costs of doing it wrong far outweigh the costs of doing it right.

Professional vs DIY

Online website builders pose many problems. While the painting may be beautiful, the interior is limited. These website builders often offer themes which are heavy and filled with features that may not be necessary to your business. So while trying to go it on your own you may end up working for your website rather than the other way around. This is the vehicle which has the ability to carry your business far into the future if you take the professional approach rather than the DIY one. 

Decisions Decisions

When it comes to your business there are many people who will have various opinions on how things should be done. It is vital to ensure that all your decisions are data based. Each opinion in theory should be tested before becoming a viable option. Data driven decisions are tested with results that are available for you to review in order to make that important decision. 

CI Web Group is on your side. The team is ready to work with you in order to reach a winning end. Years of data driven research has allowed CI Web to gain a complete understanding of how the customer thinks during any given period and how to get those customers knocking on your door. Do all the right things at the right time and in the right order. Make your business the option for your service and in your area.