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Fall Marketing Programs Overview

Michael October 22, 2020

It’s about time to start planning for your fall/winter digital Marketing strategy. During this session, we will provide a thorough review of various digital marketing strategies to drive leads, loyalty, and sales. This session’s not just fluff. We will cover the actual programs, what they do, what they cost, and how they work. This is the session that will provide you with the meat behind a marketing strategy so you can actually put pen to paper and start creating a new budget and strategy to drive bigger and better results. This session is for those who have an interest in outsourcing the work to the experts and want a realist overview of where to start, what to invest, and what to expect.

Here’s a high-level summary of the programs we will dive into: HVAC Websites eCommerce Content Strategies SMS Marketing Online Scheduling SEO Strategies for Services SEO Strategies for eCommerce SEO Strategies for Cities Local Listings Social Media Pay Per Lead Pay Per Click Retargeting Conversion Strategies Virtual Sales System Virtual Sales Team Loyalty & Gift Programs This class is not the DIY class… it is however designed to be extremely transparent and direct – in an effort to help those who truly want to put together a plan and a budget to take their business to the next level.

Everyone who attends will receive the following: The ability to apply for our FREE Website with an SEO plan program The Programs and Pricing guide A Budgeting tool A Chart of Accounts for your QuickBooks to track expenses and ROI on marketing efforts

Fall Marketing Programs Overview

It is time to spend time working on your business instead of in it. The more effort you put into owning or reclaiming your digital footprint, the stronger your position will be. You have a chance to occupy prime digital real estate that was not available a few years ago. Text 701-703-5335 to get all the information you need to get started on the right path. 

Commitment Is Key

You need to understand where you are and where you want to go. What are you willing to commit to in order to get where you want? There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is different. You have to do more of what is working, less of what is not and start doing things that you aren’t already doing. 

Brand Your Business

Branding is vitally important for your business. This doesn’t mean your logo or color scheme. Branding refers to the feeling you create within your customers and how you want people to speak about you when your company name is mentioned or you are not around. When creating a brand, you have to do so with intention. 

Domain Dominance

Your domain is extremely important when registering your website. Going through Google is the best option out there. Absolutely everything is with Google. This is the first step to being recognised online. Keep everything under one umbrella for easy organization and accessibility. Keep your website current, updated and relevant. Usability is an important factor for customers who are visiting your site. Make sure that you have all the relevant information readily available for customers. Your website is your biggest asset and spending time and money on that alone is  more valuable than you could ever imagine.

Websites Revealed

While a website is your shop front or biggest asset, without digital marketing it means nothing. Digital marketing is what drives traffic to your site or ranks you high on Google. Google rankings are a factor of importance. Higher ranking websites will most obviously receive the most hits and visitors to the site. Where the website is important is once the customer is actually there. Usability, flexibility, versatility, appearance and content are what keep the customer on your website and where you want them to be. If they are visiting and staying, you have more chance of  converting sales on this platform. 

Shop Online

Ecommerce stores integrated into your website allow customers to make purchases of products  or services right there and then. CI Web Group provides a service where you can trial this type of system  and properly incorporate it into your business structure.  This kind of store website will also allow customers to sign up for monthly maintenance services, give them access to flash sales and allow them to search options.  All these things give the customer assurance that you have taken their considerations into account. 

Chatting With A Bot

There are many companies that are too small to maintain a workforce that can effectively and efficiently keep in touch with customers calling in. A chatbot incorporated into your system allows you to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week without actually having to hire more staff. Our system allows the inclusion of a chatbot and the incorporation of it into existing websites. After all, the idea of a website is to create a sales platform that converts.

Keep It Local

Your company’s name, address, contact details, website address, social media links, products and services and operating hours are readily available  for searches within your local community or area of service.

Reviews Count

Reviews on your products and services are more important than you think in swinging conversions in your favour. Request and encourage customers to provide reviews on your services. Make use of social media platforms to check in and document your work done on site. This is one way to build your presence in any given area.

Content is King

Content is your voice as a company.  Content should be relevant to the services that you offer. Each service or product should have a separate page. Include high quality pictures and videos onto your page. While it may be a tall order to have every page necessary to begin with, a commitment to growth each month will set you on the path to success. A website and the content requires a huge amount of work, creativity and diligence.

Social Media Pathways

Diving into every social media platform is not a realistic  plan. Master the art of Facebook and branch out from there. Use your Facebook or other social media pages to engage your customers on a more personal level. 

Optimize For Search Engines

Ensure that your website is always relevant and regularly updated. Focus your efforts on ensuring that you are an option for the goods or services you want to sell in the areas that you want to sell them. Next take the time and effort to ensure that once you get the customer there that they want to stay there by using content and creating a website that is user-friendly. 

CI Web Group covers all the bases. Whether you are contemplating using your funds on pay per click facilities or have decided that your website needs quality videos, we have everything you could possibly ask for to help you successfully drive real change. In order to succeed in the very competitive HVAC industry you have to make sure that you stand out from the rest. 

Use every tool at your disposal to be seen. CI Web Group has the experience and expertise to help you use the tools  in the correct way to ensure success and growth. Now is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable and make the necessary adjustments. Stop being busy being busy and not getting anywhere. Become an option  and soar.