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Reinvent – Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies

Garima October 21, 2020

Webinar Week 9 –  Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies

This week we decided to dedicate our “Reinvent Your Message, Marketing and Mindset” webinar series entirely on Pay Per Click marketing strategies. The webinar introduced the concept in detail, as well as how it fits within our 12 Step Roadmap.

“The internet is better when you own it”

Reinventing your business and marketing strategy means focusing on every area and making the necessary changes in order to grow. Pay Per Click is one of the areas that require your attention, but figuring out when and how to go about it is critical. 

Most importantly, a business owner has to realise that all the elements within our 12 Step Roadmap are interdependent and connected. If you have a beautifully designed website and a horrible brand you lose. Adding to this, nice website graphics don’t mean much without relevant SEO content that targets all your keywords, because Google won’t be able to find you. Similarly, doing paid advertising without decent reviews and nicely designed landing pages won’t help you reach your goals.

The 12 Step Road Map to Success

Our roadmap helps you implement the right strategies, in the correct order and at the appropriate time. This systemic program also allows you to focus on and understand the connection and the way in which each step is dependent on another in order to drive success. A phenomenal website that is visually attractive means nothing without content. Pouring money into your site and branding will be fruitless if Google can’t sort and file your pages. This is far from a DIY project, in fact we’ve got an entire team behind the implementation of each step, that’s required to ensure your success.

Starting Out Is Filled With Learning Curves

Starting a business always involves spending money, some of which will be spent on infrastructure that won’t make you a single dollar back right off the bat. As much as you don’t want to hear it, it is the brutally honest truth. Every single piece of your strategy has to be meticulously built and put together in order to get your business noticed. 

Fact: Every business starts out invisible to the general public

In our day and age, making your company an option on Google is the only way of actually being recognized and acknowledged by your customers. The only way to get that right is by following some extremely vital steps. 

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Content
  3. Marketing
  4. Visibility 
  5. Conversions
  6. Automation

This list is definitely not exclusive but it helps you get prepared for what lies ahead. It isn’t a switch that is flipped and money comes pouring in. The amount of work necessary is considerable and yes, there is a budget that is going to be required. You have to spend money wisely in order to make money in the long-term. 

But, What’s Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a complex marketing channel that’s used to drive traffic to websites on an ad-hoc basis. The way it works is an advertiser pays a publisher (most notably Google) in order to get their offers in front of the right set of eyes.

If it was easy to achieve, everybody would successfully set it up and make money. The reality of it is that this is not how it works and you need to have several things in place before you get started.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

There are areas in our roadmap that must be solidified well in advance in order for your marketing and business strategy to work. Marketing strategies are most often split into three sections which are all of equal importance. What you spend on each area varies dramatically according to your city and state, however, each and every step requires marketing dollars and strategy.

Brand Marketing → Search Engine Marketing → Direct Sale

Paid Searches

Google determines which paid searches (or keywords) will generate visibility for your page. Page domination is the determining factor in making this form of search marketing successful. The quality of your website will determine whether or not Google considers your page one that will provide the customer with the best experience. The experience offered by the page is what Google uses as a means of differentiating between different websites. At the end of the day Google makes their money by ensuring a fantastic experience for all of its users. The keyword strategy, your targeting, your ad creative and landing page will all be taken into consideration, but it’s important to pay attention to the actual foundation of your business. 

Don’t Buy Into Their Pitch!

When you’re looking to partner with a digital marketing agency that has your best interests at heart, it’s always important to remember that sales people will do anything to make the sale. This is how they feed their families. Stay aware of the possibility that any sales person may be selling you a mountain when in fact you are receiving a molehill. They want to make that commission, and will say anything to achieve that. Of course, this is a broad generalization and it isn’t always the case. It is just a scenario that you need to be aware of. There’s a reason why we have over 500 clients and just 2 sales people. Our operations team on the other hand includes over 100 subject-matter experts and we never take up a client if they’re not a good fit or if we can’t guarantee results.

Clickfunnels – An Epidemic

The same concept we outlined above applies to ads that present a sales page or pitch that is not easily ignored. They’ve got tons of testimonials and promise you’ll get your business off the ground without needing content, SEO, or any type of real marketing. Don’t simply rush into spending a vast amount of your hard earned money before consulting a specialist. Yes, what you may be wanting to take on is something that will work, however, there are a number of things that probably have to be in place first before success can be achieved. 

How Do You Rank on the Front Page of Google Search?

Pay Per Click works if and only if all the fundamentals are in place. Great website, interesting, informative and relevant content and a social media presence that is outstanding. You have to show up where your customers frequently search. In the case of PPC, people need to see the ads in order to click on your link. When you put a search phrase into Google, search option results come up on the front page. Companies got to these positions in one of five ways.

Firstly, you can sign up for Google Guarantee which is a local Google service ads facility. The company must be willing to pay per call in this instance. The second way you can put your name right on the top is by signing up for Google Ads or pay per click ads and be willing to pay per click as the name implies. Thirdly, the company can sign up, register and verify their local business address on Google My Business. This provides them the opportunity to take the top spots in the city in which their business operates. Another way that companies have forged their spot at the top is through the creation of a high quality website, interesting and informative content, a social media presence that is current and relevant and by having stellar reviews. This last option is the only one that can actually guarantee that your business will show up in organic searches. 

When Should You Consider Pay Per Click

Let’s look at when you shouldn’t consider Pay per Click as an option first. If you have this brilliant idea to throw your last dollars into a Pay per Click campaign in a bid to drive leads and sales, don’t! This can be compared to putting your savings into the mix at a gambling table. You shouldn’t actually undertake any marketing under these conditions. 

This is when you need to return to your roots and work your business as you did when you first opened. 

When you have cash that is available, this may be the time to test out a Pay per Click campaign. Obviously you need to make sure that your website is ranking on Google and that you have verified your business on Google my Business. You have to take every measure to ensure that all eyes are on your business in order for this option to be successful. The more eyes, the more opportunity. 

The question was raised as to why you would bother with Pay per Click if you are already ranked at the top of organic search results. By positioning yourself at the top through Pay per Click, you are removing a competitor from that position. Statistics also show that being at the top of the search results page will increase traffic. 

It is also important to remember that what works for one account may not work in the same way across the board. Ensuring that you have done the work and started creating a search opportunity for every service you want to sell and for every area you want to sell it in is what counts. Take the time to ensure that the links correspond with the page titles and content or your bounce rate will be high. This is why it is vital to consult with a professional who will assist you in getting to the right place to implement the right strategies.

The basic strategy is to create a rock solid website and then implement a Pay per Click campaign that reflects everything in that website. Buying real estate on page 1 of Google search results is the only way to increase traffic, leads and conversions. For each additional instance where your business is an option, your opportunity for business increases. 

The Pay Per Click Process

Keyword Research – What are the search words/terms that will attract the most hits? Which words/terms do people actually use? What time should you run the ads? Google has tools to assist you in determining which keywords you should focus on. Once you have selected the keywords or phrases, you need to link these to the appropriate page on your website. Sending someone searching for heating to an AC page will only increase your bounce rate and you will essentially be throwing money down the drain. 

Ad Creation – Create appropriate ads and evaluate them thoroughly to ensure that your links and content are relevant. Determine what is working and what isn’t for your target market.

Other steps in the process include landing page development, account setup, tracking, installation and testing, the launch of your campaign, monitoring the performance, assessing the campaign and feedback and analysis. By following these steps you are able to see which areas need improvement.

Search Volume Supply & Demand

Demand refers to the number of people searching for a specific term. Supply refers to the number of ads relevant to that specific search. Pay per Click campaigns must be set up in such a way that they will increase your click through rate. Even if your bid for that specific term may be double the price, if your click through rate is higher, Google will more likely place you above your competitor strictly on the basis that the click through rate is higher. If you are placed at numbers 1, 2 and 3 on Google then a Pay per Click campaign may be throwing money away. You already have no competition using that search term. This is another reason that making use of a professional service could help you save money. This will free up money for marketing in areas that will generate the results you need. 

Market Segmentation

There are so many factors to take into consideration in order to produce a marketing plan that is going to work. More often than not, your first attempt is not going to yield as good results as you would hope. The process is one that is ever-changing and requires constant evaluation and adjustment. Your target audience is a vital part of the process. In order to create ad copy that is relevant to your target audience you need to take into consideration geographics, demographics, psychographics and behavior. Unless you take every aspect into consideration, you will be left behind and you will be throwing your cash into a fruitless project. 

In Conclusion

Pay per Click works but you need to ensure that your online environment is one that is in a position to make use of Pay per Click ads to increase traffic, leads and conversions.

Sign up for a strategy session today.