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Season 1 Episode 3 – HVAC Digital Marketing

Garima October 22, 2020

Welcome back to the HVAC Accelerated Success Program, my name is Ben Middleton National Sales Training Manager for both Goodman and Amana brands. When we talk about the forces acting on an aircraft one of the things that must be considered is vectors. When an aircraft or business is flying level the forces act as 2 independent conflicts. As the attitude of the aircraft changes the forces begin to act in different ways. For an example as an aircraft take off and climbs a portion of the thrust is attributed to lift and the steeper the angle the more thrust equates to lift. Also as the attitude changes the more drag is added to weight. So in business as you are in growth mode increasing your revenue you must look at how products and solutions (Thrust) balance with competition or better represented companies with similar solutions and your companies capability to provide this product (Drag) and demand (lift) vs. Weight (expense). This week we will look at how customers find you and reach out, in this new normal one of the primary ways customers interact with business’s is through some sort of electronic interaction. How do our 6 companies stack up when our digital experts analyze the digital presence of these companies.

Season 1 Episode 3 – HVAC Digital Marketing

When your business or an aircraft is flying level, the forces are balanced. When you begin to change your angle and gain altitude, each of the forces work at different levels but they must still maintain a balance in order to keep gaining altitude. 


In the “new normal” it is important to understand how customers find you and reach out. During this period it is usually through some form of electronic technology. It is important to take note of how many people are bouncing off your website. Every bounce is a customer lost. If this rate is extremely high it will impact your business negatively. 

Your website is your store. There are certain things that you need to ensure when creating a website. A secure website is something that most customers look out for. Bad reviews will influence whether customers stay or leave. Ensure that your website adequately reflects the area in which you operate. Make sure that the relevant pages for each of your services is present on your website. Implement services and tools that allow customers to communicate with your company at any time of day or night at their convenience. 

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is something worthwhile spending your time, efforts and money on. This is creating a magnet that draws customers towards you. It does not have an expiry date and can operate for your business indefinitely.


Traditional advertising requires you to keep pouring money into it in order to work for you. Things like magazine ads, television ads, door to door marketing and mail marketing are only relevant for as long as you are paying to do it. These are short term solutions. You have to do a lot of work all the time and spend a lot of money in order to see any results. The effectiveness of these “solutions” has greatly diminished over the years, but now with COVID it’s almost impossible to get tangible results.

12 Step Roadmap

This is essentially a process which is there to help your business get to the next level. It requires you to do the right things in the right order and at the right time. Get in touch with CI Web Group today to learn more.

Branding Technology and Your Website

Your website is your shop. You need to have a page or product for every service that you sell or offer and in the area that you want to provide that service or product. Google makes use of your services and the area in order to file your page in the right drawer ready to be accessed when someone searches for that particular solution. Proper design is necessary for your website in order to make it easy for customers to find out how they can contact you or schedule an appointment. You need to make sure that the customer is assisted with whatever they are looking for. For this reason, user experience (UX) is key.

Calls To Action

Online scheduling is something that so many customers are searching for. They want to be able to plan and schedule at any time of day and at their convenience. Reviews provide future customers with encouragement. They are more likely to trust you if others said you delivered. 

Virtual Services

During this period, people are wary of having strangers at their homes. The ability to provide a service that can be carried out online and paid for right then and there is what customers want. Not everybody likes people in and out of their homes. Others work crazy hours with no time to lend to servicemen on site. Make your services convenient and easy and give the customers what they want. 

CI Web Group

CI Web Group is in this business to make your business grow to the levels you want to reach. BLR, one of the participants is over the moon excited to be granted access to what CI Web has to offer. They are guaranteed to take the complete makeover in their stride and allow BLR to reach their full potential.

With reference to Pioneer Air, Jennifer dove right in to identify what areas will be given attention. The analysis of the current position of Pioneer Air is done without reports but rather on face value. The website seems to be an issue with slow load times and lack of search term indicators. The brand is incredible but it needs a website that will make them stand out. Jennifer identifies an area of concern with the one page website. The website needs to change and new pages have to be added so that Google can identify where to file the pages. In general they need to be an option. The implementation of clear calls to action is something that will be an addition to the site. 

The social media pages for Pioneer Air are not directly linked to their website. Another issue is they’re lacking contact info. An out of date social media account is of no use to a business. There is no customer interaction. One positive is the reviews that have been coming in. These reviews need to be promoted on the website and we need to draw attention to them.

Directory listings are a vital finding tool. This is how customers locate you and your contact details. If all the information is different in every directory then Google cannot verify that you are who you say you are. 


Centraire is not easy to find on Google. The social media pages are not up to date and do not reflect the website details. All your platforms need to tie into each other to make you easy to find, contact and purchase services from. 

CI Web will be doing intensive work on this company. Proactive marketing is required but all the infrastructure has to be in place first and this is where the CI Web team comes into play. The website itself has a huge amount of bad pages which can cause you to be penalized by Google. The backlinks are not from reputable sites which puts you at risk. 

Max Comfort AC

The website requires some life to be breathed into it. Rather than stock images, the website should be filled with images from your actual company. The actual design of the website is strong and with a few small tweaks it could be even better. The website requires some of the culture of the area in which they operate be brought through onto the pages. 

The website also requires an easy to access button to contact you. The implementation of a chatbot would add an entirely new dimension to how the customers can approach you for their solutions. The ability to offer virtual services is a positive addition during this time of pandemic. 

CI Web needs to work on content. The pages that are your focus pages for services offered in certain areas don’t have enough SEO-optimised content to alert Google that you are an expert in the field. 

The use of certain terms on the website are also an issue. Words like cooling rather than AC or air conditioning will have you found less often. Searches using cooling are less frequent. While the site does have a page for each of the primary services, they don’t identify the cities in which you are willing to operate.


YouTube is the second largest search engine used by customers. SEO must be used for the videos you upload in the same way as you would with written content. Make use of dealer videos which are readily available. Use these videos on your website as well. Visitors to your site may be kept there longer through the introduction of videos. The longer somebody stays on your site, the more chance they will buy something from you.

Extend the video content to your social media pages and keep your customers on all platforms engaged and interested. 

Top Tech Mechanical

User experience is expected to be above average. People don’t like to visit slow sites and neither does Google. With a heavy, slow site adding new features to improve customer experience will only slow it down more. Balance needs to be achieved in order for the website to work for you. 

Meta-Descriptions are more often than not what cause your customer to click through to your website. Issues with these meta-descriptions will affect your click through rate. This area is one that CI Web will work on and improve. 

All Valley

CI Web Group created a template site for this company using their brand colors. They added a call button. There are a lot of stock images which need to be changed out. This was a site that they wanted to get up and running quickly. Through this program the website will be customized. The ability to offer virtual appointments or online scheduling provides convenience and ease. Your customers need to feel that you are doing whatever you can to serve them to the best of your ability. Implementation of a chatbot will allow you to be available and open 24/7. The customer experience counts. 

Local listings for this company are incorrect or missing. Your customer can’t find you if the information is wrong or not available. Google will also not verify you as the information does not correspond. 

Getting everything in place for success requires hard work, effort, and the help of the professionals at CI Web. They understand the market and what is expected of HVAC contractors. They know what customers are looking for and how to make you an option.