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The Power of 6

Michael November 17, 2020

The Power of 6!
Drive Predictive Results through a 6 Factor Marketing Action Plan

There are three critical factors relating to your business that you need to identify in order to move forward. Firstly you need to position your business in such a way that makes it easy for you to generate new leads. Secondly you need to build a website to convert new appointments, and thirdly you need to train your CSR’s to close incoming leads with ease. 

When you understand how customers search for services, how many times they search for a given keyword and how many people search on a monthly basis in a specific city, you will finally have all the pieces of the puzzle needed to thrive. Once you have wrapped your head around this, you can implement processes that produce predictable results. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation requires work. You can’t simply sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing. There are many companies in the same industry trying to get leads from the same places you are. 

Customers are going to look at the websites that appear on the first page of Google according to their search. They are going to focus on the top placed websites. Some folks like to do a lot of research before settling on a purchase, so you need to ensure that your website checks all the boxes.

While Google Ads may put you up top on page 1 of Google without all the hard work of getting there in an organic manner, it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed the highest click through rate. We’ve tested it time and time again, the overwhelming majority of all website visits is generated through organic search results.

Top Scores

Your domain authority is the reputation of your website. All websites are scored by Google. They are given a grade between 1 and 100. Many factors affect your domain authority. Website security, backlinks, pages, SEO content strategy, violation of Google regulations and domain name are all key factors that affect your rating. Domain authority is something that should improve over time. This is a measurable metric that you can use to gauge the likelihood of your site reaching page 1 of Google. 


Your service pages must be complete with content that is engaging, interesting, regularly updated and filled with videos and images. Ensure that you focus on the particular service in an area that you are offering it. This is how Google will file your pages. The more videos, articles, content and images you have on any particular page, the more likely it is that Google will label you an expert in that particular service in that particular area and you will be a choice that Google puts forward when the search is made. Promotional content is another way to push your pages up the ladder. 


Now is the time to get consumers to take action. After all, that’s how you generate leads for your sales team. Put call to action buttons on your pages. Call now, Schedule, Get Free Quote and Book Your Service! 

By offering troubleshooting services on your website you open up yet another avenue to generate leads. Without these calls to action you will simply have visitors to your pages with no clear move to make a purchase. Guide them the right way, and see your revenue rise month in and out!

l SEO allows you to target traffic for a specific phrase in a specific location

l SEO allows you to increase your visibility

l SEO offers a higher return on investment

l SEO has long term effects

l SEO is cost-effective

l SEO has measurable results


The total number of people searching for that keyword on a monthly basis is the demand. Identify what your competition is for any specific term in a specific area. Determine areas that you can target faster. It is easier to target a phrase that requires you to be in the top 10 of one million rather than one that requires you to be in the top 10 of four million. Do your research and create pages and content accordingly. 

It isn’t enough to create a website. Your website is not going to bring you leads. Your marketing strategy has to be 100% on point to allow your website to be visible to the customers searching for your services. Once the customer gets there, your website does however have to be such that it keeps the customer there and encourages conversion of sales. This is not an overnight task. It is something that requires continuous evaluation, change and hard work. Get in touch with CI Web Group, starting today.

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