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Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset

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Week 1 Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset – Strategies To Thrive In The New Normal

Michael November 18, 2020

Week 1: Reinvention, Creativity and Out Of The Box Thinking

The first webinar held by Jennifer Bagley and the team at CI Web Group was somewhat of an eye-opener for many of the companies and representatives who participated. The topic of this training session was reinventing your business as an entrepreneur during these trying times. HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors took time from their schedules to learn how to thrive in the new normal. 

Home services companies know that they should be ready to operate in a virtual environment by now, but taking their entire operations online is harder than it sounds. Unfortunately, many businesses have realised the need to “go virtual” but haven’t yet taken the first step. This is where CI Web Group comes in to fill the void with both free and paid marketing solutions that are proven to work. 

“Business as usual” has become unusual, and the way people want to be sold has changed along with the implementation of social distancing measures. During this period, it’s important to put things in motion immediately and come up with solutions fit for the times. 

Launch a Virtual Sales and Service Center

Your Customer Base On Lockdown

Your customers are at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many are not used to cooking, cleaning and working all day. They are not used to being confined to their homes. It is during this time that they have come to realize the things that require attention at their homes like their heating and cooling systems. 

The home services industry is faced with an unparalleled opportunity to make an impact on the bottom lines of their businesses as well as within their communities at large. At the moment, home systems are under tremendous strain and working to capacity. Working overtime, coupled with the change in weather conditions as we’re heading towards the summer, means that HVAC units are going to need services and tune-ups. Breakdowns will be prevalent in the coming months, and as always homeowners will need a trustworthy company to turn to, and someone who respects their need for social distancing. 

Shift Your Marketing Focus

A number of businesses have built their revenue through word of mouth, physical networking, and by getting involved in community events. While that is all good and well, those things are not happening right now. Jennifer made it clear that you should never put your eggs in one basket, especially if you seek financial stability for yourself and loved ones. 

During a period like the one we are experiencing, if you don’t have a virtual system in place, you need to make changes now. If your business isn’t visible online, you will be dead in the water. Yes, there are businesses that are paying for traditional advertising, but that advertising isn’t working right now. Billboards won’t help if there are no cars on the freeways. Radio advertisements are useless when there is nobody listening. The contractors who will thrive are the ones who will decide early on to make their services available virtually.

This is the time to reinvent your company and the expected return on investment is bigger than ever before. 

Tools of the Trade

At present, CI Web Group is formulating new ways to assist home services contractors to operate virtually with success. The team is building graphics for social media, creating content, video material, and virtual sales solutions that can be used by everyone in the industry. These are tools that can really make or break your business during this time. 

Solidifying Your Online Presence

The truth is there are home services businesses who are closing their doors and this is opening up spaces on Google that weren’t available before. This is the time to monopolize on that. Everybody is at home, with social media and online activity at its highest peak. This is where you need to be seen. Create your essential businesses group on social media, and update your business listings. This provides the community a place to ask questions for essential services businesses. 

Health and Safety

While COVID-19 is the trending phrase at the moment, consumers need a break from that. They don’t want to hear that phrase right now and they’re already being bombarded with enough negativity. While your website and social media pages must feature a note or a short video about your safety protocols, the overarching goal here is to make people aware you are open to assist, so use this time to your advantage. Give your customers peace of mind that their health and safety is your priority. They want to know what safety measures you are taking. 

Let them know that you are able to do virtual assessments. Provide the ability to schedule services online. Honesty is always the best policy, so let your customers know that you have their best interests at heart.

7-Day Website Launch

CI Web Group has launched a new type of website which can be made live in 7 days called a Rad Site. This is designed to assist clients who don’t have a place to call home online. This website is a fairly inexpensive way to anchor your marketing presence and start marketing your products and services without losing time. If you don’t have a high-converting website, this is for you.

Finance Over Cash

At a time like this, finance options are vital. Consumers are going to want to hold onto their cash. If you haven’t signed up with finance yet, do it! Your website should promote this facility and encourage prospective customers to use your services now when they need it most. 

Keep It Real, Keep It Honest

Don’t provide false information. Don’t promise that your products and services prevent diseases. What you should do instead is make use of the fact that you are an essential service and provide information that is relevant. Show your customers your concern by waiving after hours fees or just going that extra mile. These are the things that matter. Take advantage of the fact that there are people at home with family members that are not normally there. Provide positive solutions to make living more comfortable for everyone involved. 

7-14 Day Sprints

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Decision making is not easy. This is not the time to make 3-month plans. This is the time to make fast decisions that cover the next 7-14 days. It certainly isn’t a time to sit on the fence.


Make use of chatbots. The wonderful thing about this technology is that your customers can troubleshoot their issues before calling you out. This is the ideal sales person, working for you even when the rest of the team is asleep. No human interaction is required. This is one employee who is always at work. Online scheduling and online payments create the perfect environment for servicing clients during this pandemic. Clients don’t physically have to see you until you actually carry out the work. Assessment, quotation and payment are all done virtually. 

Cloud is Key

Cloud based systems are the future. Old computer systems are not a viable solution for the “Work From Anywhere” Age. G-Suite is a cloud based suite of services that gives you the opportunity to access any of your documents, calendars and accounts from anywhere. The age of being tied to an office is gone. Stay on top of your business wherever you are. Make use of Google Drive and services like Google Meet. 

This is the time to reinvent your business, build an online presence and dominate your competition. While it is unfortunate that you are forced to take these steps right now in such a hurry, it will prove invaluable to the future of your company.