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Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset

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  10. Reinvent Your Marketing, Messaging, And Mindset | CI Web Group Webinar | 04-08-2020
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Week 4 – Reinvent Your Message, Marketing and Mindset – CI Web Group

Garima October 21, 2020

CI Web Group is a full-service digital marketing and design agency. CI Web Group specializes in web, search, social, mobile, video, email, graphic design, and more. Our clients gain an unmatched advantage when leveraging our international team of experts to “achieve accelerated results”! Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and deliver value even beyond what was agreed upon, and that you thought possible. Google “CI Web Group Reviews” and “Achieve Accelerated Results” to get a small representation of what our clients think about our work and performance. OUR DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIVITIES STRIVE TO ACHIEVE TWO GOALS: Mastery of operation by leveraging technology – doing the right things, in the right order, so that revenue grows faster, technology is perfected to run at peak performance, allowing your business goals to be met. Company Value – growing shareholder equity, and building net worth through continuous improvements on your sales and marketing strategies and execution. CI WEB GROUP DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS: Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Custom Design and Branding, Content Creation, Custom WordPress Website Development, Online Invoicing, ECommerce Development, Learning Management, System Development, Intranet and Membership System Development, WordPress Website Hosting & Support, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogging Strategies, Local Listings And Reviews Management, Email Newsletter Design and Campaign Deployment, Online Reputation Management, Customer Relationship Management Technologies, Mobile App Design and Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video Production and Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations Technology Training

Webinar Week 4 – Attitude is Everything! 

On 22nd of April 2020 Jennifer Bagley, Founder and CEO of CI Web Group, Inc. delivered the fourth part of our “Reinvent Your Message, Marketing and Mindset” webinar series together with a team of fantastic panelists. We discussed the many possibilities that companies like yours can look forward to, given the disruption in traditional service delivery, positioning, and sales. Our team has been focused on helping home services contractors unravel the what, why and how of the future of marketing and service delivery across HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical, to name a few.

Our mission is to help contractors improve BusOps and Marketing strategies during this new “normal”. The participants who completed the questionnaires were applauded for their efforts as it is this very thing that provides the information required to create tools and strategies that are perfectly aligned with your needs. After all, each company is unique.

How Are You Feeling?

One of the questions included in the questionnaire was how are you feeling and coping with the new normal. The answer that stood out and was almost unanimous across the board was that most feel that they will come out of this a stronger company.  That is the exact attitude that’s required to excel and grow during this period. It also provides the perfect platform for the training provided during the webinar! This is the time to make a decision. Are you going to own this game or give up? Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside takes a different shape and form. It’s almost like magic!

Enduring a “crisis mode” makes you question whether you can focus on what has to be done and create legitimate solutions. If you don’t execute you cannot be victorious.

Google –  The Go-To Platform For Limitless Organizations

Regardless of where you are and where you want to take your company in the next 6 months, asking the right questions is always the best starting point. Think about it. Where do folks search for services like yours? Where do they turn to when they need AC repair and installation? What about plumbing inspection costs?

Everybody uses Google. Your neighbors use the platform to find anything under the sun. Search numbers aren’t static, and they change daily in different industries and locations. For some, like entertainment and food and beverage businesses, The New Normal has been unforgiving. But the companies who operate in the essential services arena can currently benefit from 100-114% increase in searches – and data don’t lie. There are industries that have been negatively impacted, but for those who are essential service providers there is an immense opportunity ready for the taking.

While it seems illogical to hire more staff at present, now is the time you should be doing it. If you decide to step up during this time your sales are going to multiply. If you wait too long to source materials, stock or suitable staff members, you may be left behind and unable to cope with the influx. Most of our clients are moving forward with leaps and bounds, implementing Virtual Sales and Service Solutions, Online Scheduling Systems, and community involvement projects. Those clients who are not waiting are the companies that will succeed during this new “normal”.

During this period there is no such thing as long-term planning. Planning is to be done in short 7 – 14 day surges. Jennifer stressed the importance of being able to channel a powerful and narrow focus, making decisions and executing in short intervals.

The Social Media Path – Unbounded Digitization

Social media is where customers are living all day, every day. This is the way people are keeping connected while being socially disconnected. If you have not focused on your social media presence, now is the time to take action. Get involved, set up all your notification systems and stay connected with your clients. Here at CI Web Group, we’ve already built a great variety of both free and paid tools to help you adapt. Take advantage of our Social Media Publishing Solutions and our cutting-edge AI Chatbots.

Jazmin, our Regional Manager for the West Region, reiterated the importance of social media. Messenger and posts is how clients communicate with you. You need to interact and respond. You don’t want clients to feel as if they are begging for help and everything should be streamlined for your benefit. Social media also gives you an opportunity to show your customers exactly what you do. It’s no longer for the younger generation, it is for everybody. This is how you stay in touch with your customers and how you create trust that generates sales.

The use of a chatbot is an addition that is invaluable. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are not available in person, the bot is there to assist. The bot allows your customers to book appointments online even while you are sleeping. On your website it is a good idea to remove your operating times and add a chatbot. In effect you are open 24 hours a day. This doesn’t mean you are working the entire time. What it means is that your customers are being helped 24 hours a day.

Online Calls – Relentless Innovation

Make use of online call and video call platforms. At a time like this, you don’t have any need to actually, physically visit your customers for assessments and trouble-shooting. Hold walk through meetings through video call. Do whatever you can online. It is time to get modern and to do it fast.

The more you can do online, the better service you can provide your customers without putting anybody at risk. The best part is that by removing these barriers folks will gladly give you their money. All they need to know is that you take their health and well-being seriously. The only time you actually have to visit your customer on site is to complete the work. What works best for our dealers is telling their customers to go for a walk or quarantine in one room while they quickly complete the work discussed in the virtual inspection.

You need to adjust with the times, the pandemic is here for some time and if you really want to move forward you need to make changes. If you haven’t been doing any of these online activities and are just starting out it is going to be tough but keep pushing. We are here to help you through each and every step of the way!

Social media, online video calls, text marketing and even making use of your personal platforms is the way to go. Remember that creating a social media page for your business now isn’t going to immediately get you the results you need. It takes time to grow an audience. This is where you will have to make use of your personal pages.

Free Tools Online

CI Web Group is focused on providing contractors with the tools to succeed in the new “normal”. On top of everything else, CIHVAC is a new directory where you can upload your logo, pictures, and company information for free exposure. Make use of this directory, create your listing and be seen by customers. It’s free for you to use.

You will be provided your own login and you will also have the ability to update it at your convenience.

RAD Website – Rapid Application Development

If you don’t have a website this is by far the best option for you. It’s a powerful site that can be launched within 7 days. It has basic functionality and can help you get started on the right foot, without wasting time and resources. Customers can book a service online, request finance, troubleshoot, along with everything else you need to work and efficiently grow your company. Ensure that your open hours or after hour times are updated. Add in a WhatsApp number for easier contact.

You need to show up in as many search places as possible. Make use of every tool available.

Pressing Million-Dollar Questions 

The questions you need to be asking are vital to your success. What do you want to sell? Where do you want to sell it? Are you the easiest to work with? Are you on page one of Google or social media?

Make use of a variety of digital marketing strategies from our 12 Step Roadmap to ensure that you secure your spot in the top ranks of the most important search engines and social media platforms.

Build your content, start collecting reviews, make use of social media, and start conquering the rankings for your most important keywords. There is no time to pause and take a break. Keep pushing forward and hit the ground running. Take ownership of those spots in the listings that have opened up from others bowing out during this time. 

It’s as simple as that!

Financing Programs

Easy access to financing programs are vital to sustaining a successful home services business. Your customers need to know that you can offer them payment options that suit their needs and budget. We all know that the economy is on a downward trend and many won’t have easy access to funds, especially where the work is one that carries a higher price tag. Show your customers you are here to assist them in any way you can by showing them that you care about their financing needs. Get in touch with our team today to learn how you can help your customers explore financing options with easy monthly payments for installing or repairing their HVAC unit.

In the online realm, it is extremely important to be visible in all the right places. People are on the internet throughout the better part of their day. In quarantined times like these it’s where they are finding things that need to be done around the house and realizing that their HVAC equipment needs to be serviced. With no option to go out to seek assistance they are turning to Google more and more often. This is where your business lies. Are you going to seize the day or will you just sit on the bench? The true definition of business growth changes with the times. Digital technology has become omnipresent in our daily lives and its dominance over work patterns has started to blur some of the lines that were considered unimpeachable in the past. It’s your job to tip the scale to your favor, and it’s our job to make this journey for you as painless and straightforward as possible, so get in touch with our team today.