Medical Emergency Website Workout | Is the Doctor in the house?

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Dr. Stanley Franklin 3D Mammogram

Medical Emergency Website Workout | Is the Doctor in the house?

Join Jennifer Bagley on this very special Website Workout with Dr. Ozzie with and Dr. Stanley Franklin with Learn how to develop the SEO on several of your internal pages and fine tune your CTA’s to enhance your visitor conversions to a customer.
For this session we focused on two of our medical website customers.

Medical Emergency Website Workout | Dr. Ozzie: Functional Medicine Center

Functional Medicine Center Dr. Ozzie with Functional Medicine Center. Dr. Ozzie was looking for a more interactive website that would allow his patients to be able to choose to set up a live office visit versus a live skype virtual web visit. He also wanted several CTA’s to be developed to provide an easier and more interesting experience for the visitor. Dr. Ozzie spotlighted his various services and Jennifer focused on developing those services pages for optimal SEO capability. Dr. Ozzie’s website was developed to spotlight various health conditions that Functional Medicine treats to assist the right type of patients to find his solutions and recommendations.

As we worked more with Dr. Ozzie on his new website, we learned more about Functional Medicine and the many conditions that it helped.

Dr. Ozzie just started video blogging and will be providing several great articles on specific conditions that he treats often using Functional Medicine.

Medical Emergency Website Workout | Dr. Stanley Franklin: Lewisville Gynecology

Dr. Stanley FranklinDr. Stanley Franklin was our second guest with his new website now organized to cater to patients looking for selective services.

Dr. Franklin has a great bedside manner and is extremely personable. We wanted Dr. Franklin to have a website that would help him get his message to his patients in his best way and that made sense with his busy schedule. Dr. Franklin provides his fantastic content, knowleged and  thoughts and we worked with his office manager, Amy, who has picked up WordPress techniques and blogging very quickly to get his blogs published.

A big topic is the genetic testing for cancer which was developed as one of the top CTAs. Dr. Franklin wanted the diagnostic testing with the 3D mammography to be equally as important as another CTA. The Lewisville Gynecology new website was laser beamed focused on providing content and information for patients with questions and concerns. Dr. Franklin’s new website was developed with the focus of Dr. Franklin being the educator, diagnostician and mentor to women seeking optimal health for the future. Dr. Franklin is a rock star blogger and will be developing a few video blogs as time permits with his busy schedule.

Medical Emergency Website Workout : Strategy

Taking the time to work on your business and doing the right things that will create permanent ongoing marketing is critical to your online success. Results for some can be discouraging and many will stop or want to blame someone else. Your message and method are 2 factors that you need to develop.

First, your message, is it just all about you, or have you really reached out to your audience and listened to them? It really is “Can You Hear Me Now”!…. In your message take notes and then re-message the core theme of your client’s pains, needs and wants and you will win in the first step of capturing your visitors attention. Keep a measurement of your variations on the theme and by all means use the method that wins. Have you ever noticed, that the 0.001% that win big is because they practiced things over and over and over again. Perfecting a niche campaign and getting really good, becoming an expert in that one specific market. Learning the message and how to say it to anchor your connection with your customer is huge.

So, you have your audience, community, followers….tribe. What next? Your method in retaining their attention is critical and vital to your success.  Solve their pain with your core product or service that helps them win in their personal scavenger hunt. Please take notes here. The service or product you provide has to be stellar, your very, very best. Everyone in your company, including you need to have all thrusters firing strong. No flooded engines here because of lack of maintenance or preparation.

Health care providers world wide are depended on to always provide their very best in recommendations and therapy. Second tries are often just not allowed.

Treat your business and the customers you are honored to serve as if you don’t have any second tries. Yep, you are in mid flight off the ski lift pad and doing the ski jump of your lifetime.

Let’s visit the well known and loved Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

  • Be Impeccable with your Word
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally
  • Don’t Make Assumptions
  • Always Do Your Best

Don’t deviate or get scattered. Prepare, get strong, train and practice. Provide the best products and customer service to your clients. Always do your best!!!

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