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Off Page SEO solutions

We are excited to announce that our next 12 Step Road Map training will be Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 11:00 am CDT. The topic will be Off Page SEO solutions.

In today’s business environment a well, SEO’s website that is mobile friendly and mobile optimized is an absolute necessity. Without these factors you will not do well. We will look at the mobile apsects in another post, today let’s look at the importance and power of SEO, especially off-page SEO..

Off-page SEO Defined

Off Page SEO refers to a set of methods you can utilize to help your website rank higher on Google using various promotional tools, outside of the actual code or design of the site itself (on page SEO).

Link building

Google treats links from other websites to your site as a ‘vote of confidence’, and will then rank your site higher. Therefore, the more quality votes/links your site has the better. However, be warned, not all links are considered to be quality links though. A single link from an outside high authority site is much better than a multitude of links from many low authority sites.
A major Part of your off-page SEO strategy would be to get links from high authority sites.
Be warned, however, there are many services that promise to get you links. Google frowns on this as being a ‘black hat’ activity and will penalize your site in the rankings when you are caught. The key to generating good quality links to your site is being committed to creating consistent quality content, the kind of content quality people want to link to.

Social media

Find out where your target audience hangs out and then get involved there. Facebook, twitter, Linkedin. If your audience is there, then you should be there as well talking to them. Remember though, social media isn’t a soapbox, it is a two-way channel – it’s all about engagement. Post good quality content in the context of a friendly approachable tone-of-voice and you will gain people’s trust and their ear!


Even though Google+ is a social network like the others I mentioned, there is something special about it – it is Google! In the world of the Internet – Google is god, and god likes, nay, loves Google+. Make sure your site has a Google+ page and make sure you’re sharing your content via this important social network. You see, Google uses its own social channel to help decide what content rich sites rank higher in searches. One of the ways is by how many Google+ +1s a site has. If you put forth the effort to grow your Google+ audience it will increase the possibility of more +1s and that is a good thing.

Local SEO

The world of Local SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years, partly because of the advent of the world of mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, etc. Add to that the increase of better data connectivity and you can see why that is.

Local SEO shares some characteristics with organic SEO, but there are some major differences as well. Local SEO is almost entirely focused on providing search rankings and results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location. To make your site more local search friendly make sure you claim your Google Places for Business page (it’s free), complete all the relevant information and then make sure you link it to your Google+ Local page.

Google recently released that one in three US mobile queries is ‘local’ and that 87% of people use their mobile devices when on the go. Interestingly, Google also found that 95% of mobile device users look up local information on their phones and the primary functions were for the intent of calling or visiting a place of business. Local results tend to be the key to reaching people with your message, product or service.

Interested in learning more about Off Page SEO? Tune into the 12 Step Road Map Training with CI Web Group CEO, Jennifer Bagley, as she uncovers the secrets to success through off page SEO.

Jennifer BagleyJennifer Bagley is one of the most in-demand Keynote, Digital Marketing and Business Strategist speakers on the circuit. She is known for her engaging and entertaining style, as well as, her mastery level knowledge of Collaborative Marketing Strategies. Jennifer is the founder of CI Web Group, a Web Design, SEO, CRM Integration, Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing Agency. She is the founder of DNet a Collaborative Digital Network and Membership System. She is also the creator of the Sales Supply Chain Strategy and the 12 Step Roadmap to Accelerated results.

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