Optimized Product Pages That Win in Google

Optimized Product Pages That Win

Optimized Product Pages That Win in the Google File Cabinet

Every single page on a website should have a page that represents each product and service. Remember the movie Bruce Almighty? Do you remember the huge file cabinet representing every thought, everything you have done was inside this file cabinet. So the file cabinet represents “Google”. So when you type in a phrase in the google search bar, you will notice it says 1 out of 200,000 up to millions or what ever that number is. It is a huge drawer representing one thought!! So for example in the HVAC industry you will have in the menu AC and in the drop down you will have AC Maintenance, AC installation, AC Service, AC Warranty, AC Systems which represents what people are looking for. So if our website says HVAC and people are searching for air conditioning, they may miss your pages. So some may relate heating to a furnace versus heating service, etc. One page per thought. You should have optimized pages by your products and then what people are searching for. Next is to address the questions that customers ask you over and over again. Create those questions with the answers in a blog post and create your collection of answers that address those FAQ’s your clients need answers to. Just a page labeled FAQ doesn’t help you, instead have your questions as an individual post on your website.
Ex. How about this question, “What area do you serve?” Each area you serve can go into category.
You want to capture position one, page one and then position two, three. Utilize directory listings and social media accounts can also help with positioning.