Optimizing for Bing and Yahoo, is it important?

Should we Optmize for Bing and Yahoo, or only for Google?

When you hear the term “search engine,” I’ll bet the first company you think of is Google. It makes sense if you do. With nearly 6 billion searches every single day and over 2 trillion searches in 2013 alone, Google is pretty much a powerhouse.

So when the term “search engine optimization” is mentioned, it would make sense that most people assume that simply means optimizing one’s site for Google … right?

While SEO is certainly about improving your site’s search results on Google, what about all of those other sites, like Bing and Yahoo?

They’re search engines too, aren’t they?

Because of the popularity of Google, many SEOs find themselves wondering if they should even bother with optimizing for Bing or Yahoo. I know I certainly have. Is optimizing for alternative search engines a waste of time? Or is optimizing for Bing and Yahoo paramount to a good SEO strategy? The short answer: Yes, you need to optimize for Bing and Yahoo.

Now here’s the long answer.

Saving Time With Bing and Yahoo

You might have been hoping that the answer to the above question was no, it’s not important to optimize for anything but Google. It’s time-consuming enough to optimize for just one search engine! But reason number one to optimize for Yahoo and Bing is so that you can save time in the long run.

Let’s say you’ve used all of your SEO efforts to optimize for Google and Google alone. You’re on the first or second page of results, right where you want to be. Now, let’s pretend that something goes wrong — maybe Google’s algorithm changes and your site gets penalized and knocked off of page one into search engine oblivion. If you’ve spent all of your time optimizing for Google, say goodbye to any and all search engine traffic to your website!

So, let’s step back to the beginning of this hypothetical situation and change things up a little bit.

You optimize your site primarily for Google, while spending maybe 30% of your time optimizing for Bing and Yahoo. You’ve done enough good work that you’re on the first page for all three search engines. Now, when Google changes their algorithm and knocks you off of their top search results, there’s still a chance that potential customers can find you when they search on Bing or Yahoo, which could be a godsend if most of your traffic comes from search results.

Short and sweet: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because you never know when or how Google might discount all the hard work you’ve done.