Step 8: SEO | SEM

Hoveln Heating and Cooling

HVAC Digital Training : Website Workout Session

Step 8: Session 5

On this session of Website Workout Jennifer mentioned working in your business should be sometimes working on your business.
Justin Atkinson with Trinity Event Staffing is a great example. A great CEO, that started with CI Web Group several years ago, has a growing business and expanding. Justin does take the time to work on his business.

Super Air Systems website originally was in tables. So to get their website started their platform was created rather quickly.

Production before Perfection

Jennifer discussed the time you invest on your website is for the long term and does not have to take long if you work smart. Individual pages were optimized during this session for maximal google traffic.

Another great client participated with Hoveln Heating and Cooling. Jennifer went over page labeling, menu changes and focused keyword pages in preparation for their busy seasons coming up.


HVAC Digital Training : Website Workout

Step 8: Session 4

Great training with Jennifer Bagley as she worked with live HVAC clients in helping them strengthen their digital footprint even further. Clients that participated were Rush Heating and Cooling INC, who is still in the development phase and Folkes Heating INC who has been live for about 4 months.

Key website home elements were discussed and their importance.

Proper SEO, Menu development and SEO friendly written content was demonstrated live for this webinar. Great training for existing website owners wanting to improve your google rankings for your selected keywords focus.


Advanced SEO Review

Step 8: Session 3

The ‘basic’ key dynamics to online accessibility and success are; structure, content, relevance, and SEO (on-page and off-page). But these aren’t all the things you should be thinking about if you want to achieve accelerated results in today’s business marketing environment. There are also a number of advanced tools and strategies that you should be aware of and incrementally incorporating into your website marketing strategy.

Important elements include indexation and accessibility, site speed and accessibility, WordPress backoffice and CMS, advanced data research, keyword research, link building with content, link building techniques and search verticals.


Creating Link Building Referral Partners For Your Website

Step 8: Session 2

Learn where they are, who they are, who is talking, how to engage your employees, involve your peers and inner circle. First learn the offensive methods and then defensive moves. Keeping a lookout for your brand advocates and cheerleaders. Nurture those relationships. Including your inner circle with create steady growth on growing your community, company and brand.

Join Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group for a great session on good back linking strategies. Successful SEO these days is like aiming at, and trying to hit, a moving target. Google is always reviewing its SEO requirements and accordingly changing the rules we must abide by if we desire to rank well in the search engines. We have to keep in mind things like, keyword phrases, relevant content, competitor analysis, social media, site analytics, and the topic we want to look at today – back linking.


How to SEO your website | SEO Training

Step 8: Session 1

This session of the 12 Step Road Map Training with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group discusses the importance of on page SEO strategies for WordPress business owners.
Our focus with this training is teaching you the newest google recommendations for on page SEO techniques to improve your page ranking.

Jennifer Bagley CEO discusses what happens when a business owner gets a referral and how customers often use google to validate that referral before calling them. How your brand, your company, your sales force are positioned on Google can be a huge factor on your referral business. Google allows a website owner to get the opportunity to be found in a particular drawer allow with millions of others. Properly set up of on page SEO can be the difference of being found verus being found on page 20 of google.  


How to SEO a WordPress Website 

Join Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group a Dallas web designer for this important session on “How to SEO a wordpress website.” This particular training was during her recent travel and was audio only. This was a fantastic training that will really help you understand the correct steps in propoer SEO.

It is very important to begin writing your content that is SEO friendly and then doing your on page SEO for proper google placement for your keyword phrases.


Creating Content for SEO

Creating Content for SEO with Jennifer Bagley. Thinking about how your clients are finding you is the first step. Doing specific pages on your top key phrases can be key. You want your post to be at least 1500 words. You will need to select your short key word phrase and mention this at least 3-5 times in your post. One page per phrase/service/product/variation of product. The variations are very apparent in the HVAC industry like insulation, maintenance, service, repair, company.

Take an example like with a the menu done very strategically. The pages were done for SEO and each page is a keyword that is being work on. Each page should be educational and informative, with great CTA to get a free estimate.


Google Requirements 

First we must change our thinking to change our results. One great book by Tony Jeary, One Hundred Business Ground Rules was recommend during the call. Jennifer Bagley discussed the important steps to meeting google requirements.

There are 3 things google is considering

  1. Are you current? (Are you adding new content?)
  2. Are you relevant? (Do you have your articles labeled properly?)
  3. Are you trusted? ( Do you engage and answer the people on your social networks?)

Optimized Product Pages That Win in the Google File Cabinet

Product Page SEO

Every single page on a website should have pages that represents each product and service. Labeling your pages correctly in google’s eyes can help your customer searching for your products and services to find you faster. Think of google as the file cabinet and your pages as one thought one focus. Label them correctly and you will WIN!!