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We are excited to announce that our next 12 Step Road Map training will be Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 11:00 am CDT. The topic will be SEO Strategies: Off Page SEO solutions.

Successful SEO these days is like aiming at, and trying to hit, a moving target. Google is always reviewing its SEO requirements and accordingly changing the rules we must abide by if we desire to rank well in the search engines. We have to keep in mind things like, keyword phrases, relevant content, competitor analysis, social media, site analytics, and the topic we want to look at today – backlinking.

To be successful in today’s searches we must incorporate keywords into backlinks, write content with backlinks, out-backlink our competition, utilize our social media footprint as a backlinking source, and then measure how our backlinking strategy is working with analytics.

Why do you need to be focused on understanding backlinking? Because Google’s ranking algorithm takes into consideration the number of websites that are referencing (or back linking to) your website. If enough “quality” sites are referencing your site as a valued source, then the chances are higher that Google will recognize your site as relevant and a site to be trusted.
To be considered relevant and a site to be trusted, your backlinks must be high quality, relevant links as opposed to low quality, links from untrustworthy sources or “traded” links. Google places a value on a backlink’s source, and so should you.

Some Backlinking Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do – Be consistent. Google watches to see if you are committed to your backlink strategy and Google’s algorithm can detect if you’re not committed. For instance, if you have 15 backlinks today and tomorrow morning you have 25,000 (because say you bought backlinks from a backlink farm) you will be penalized, and may very well find yourself considerably lower in the rankings. Google monitors to see if new backlinks are growing consistently but incrementally over time period. No Abracadabra allowed!
  • Do – Have unique domains. Google looks to see if you have a variety of unique domains in your backlink inventory. If all your backlinks are coming from the same site it is a red flag that your website probably isn’t all that relevant.
  • Don’t – Buy links – period
  • Don’t – Trust SEO Professionals or Agencies that promise a guaranteed #1 organic ranking. A #1 organic ranking is impossible to guarantee (and even if accomplished, harder to maintain) as there are so many external variables beyond the control of the SEO Professional; like Google’s ever-changing algorithm and the SEO efforts of your competition for instance.
  • One final Do – Above all, keep all your SEO strategies on the up-and-up or you will be penalized by Google and this will have a negative affect on your website, and your business. Remember, an effective backlinking strategy is closer to being like a marathon than it is to being like a sprint.

So how do you add quality backlinks? Tune into this week’s 12 Step Road Map Training as Jennifer share’s strategies that will help you backlink your site to success.

Jennifer BagleyJennifer Bagley is one of the most in-demand Keynote, Digital Marketing and Business Strategist speakers on the circuit. She is known for her engaging and entertaining style, as well as, her mastery level knowledge of Collaborative Marketing Strategies. Jennifer is the founder of CI Web Group, a Web Design, SEO, CRM Integration, Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing Agency. She is the founder of DNet a Collaborative Digital Network and Membership System. She is also the creator of the Sales Supply Chain Strategy and the 12 Step Roadmap to Accelerated results.

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