Join SKOOLNET launch with Live Streaming Webinar

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Join this FREE live streaming event to learn how can help individuals and organizations a like find the tools for success. SKOOLnet (Society for Knowledge, Opportunity and Occupational Learning) is a digital network that marries career aspirations with the educational, training and employment resources needed to get there. Member organizations benefit from increasing their reach to promote their mission, find qualified candidates for job openings, and generate new business leads, while SKOOLnet offers individuals a one-stop shop for knowledge, resources and strategies to make their dreams come true. As an added bonus, special guest Janey Appia, National Consumer Affairs Manager for 7-ELEVEN, will join us to discuss her own path to success by increasing her business acumen, obtaining an online degree, and supporting the educational and career development needs of America’s youth. Remember, if you’re looking for dynamic new ways to employ, teach or learn – SKOOL is the rule!