Social Media Company Dallas – Author Strategy

social media company dallas

Social Media Company Dallas – Author Strategy

social media company dallasSocial media is one element of a marketing strategy for any business. It is just a device. So depending on what your strategy is you might prefer Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, text messaging, video, etc. All it really sums up to are different communication devices. The biggest thing you need to know with social media is what devices are your customers using. It is not what you love and prefer but what your customers are using. It is all about meeting them where they are! Your job is to figure out how to communicate there and you also have to realize that in a moments notice an entire community can transform their communication to a new device. So you have to be ready to accept that change and have your strategy in place.

So authors when they are writing their book, often don’t begin their online strategy prior to the launch.  A proper online strategy is to take the book elements and get those pieces online so the book promotion can be easily done with the growing community in several different locations.

social media company dallasSocial Media Company Dallas – Beyonce Example

For example, Tammy Kling is involved in writing a book with a client that is having Beyonce doing the open song at their book launch. The book launch has grown into a huge event which needs to be promoted properly on the different social media channels.

So the book launch promotions should have a before, during and after strategy which is a critical element to any marketing campaign. The event needs to be wrapped around the before, during and after promotions.

Social Media Company Dallas – Event Promotion

social media company dallasWhen it comes to social media and event promotion there is the before element that is creating blog content, notifying people of the event, building the network, developing momentum in your conversation, engaging vendors, strategic partner relationships and your sponsors. The strategy is getting that audience to know what is coming so you can capture individuals so they can help be a part of the parade, in the event about the launch while promoting those businesses as sponsors.

During the event Digitization is critical. Repurposing the content through blogging, pictures, video and promotions, while building up to the next event.

Monetization is the next step, which allows you to reach your audience properly and giving them a chance to connect with your services and products if needed.

So the strategy with social media does not have to be difficult as you follow the right steps to digitizing your messaging and communications.

Make the investment in getting the right help you need for your business.