Step 7: Social Media


Protector Versus Aggressor Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Do you use your social media accounts correctly to support your marketing efforts. Learn more about the 2 types or stages in your social media strategy from Jennifer Bagley. It is a matter of getting out of the protector status and getting into the aggressor mindset in kick starting your marketing efforts.


Communicating with Technology….smile or not, it is here to stay!!!

In 1,000 days……

All marketing is….is communication. If you stop talking do you stop selling? The answer is yes in most circumstances. It is all about learning a new technology. Remember our teenagers think Facebook is for dead people. In 1,000 days our teenagers will either be our employee, employer, client or competitor. A teenager has more connections then most business leaders combined in a room. How many business leaders will still be in business in 1,000 days. So ready or not here they come and you must get prepared. You have a couple ways of handling technology, you can either smile or not, we recommend to smile and get through it quickly. Who is ready to get it started? Remember help is right around the corner.

Social Media Strategy

Our world is all about social media. Jennifer states the importance of meeting people where they are. Have your services and products in front of the eyes of your followers. Interested in increasing your following by leveraging the right networks

Testimonial on Social Media Services

Testimonial on Social Media from Blake Crenshaw with The ability to have marketing in place while you focus on your business is amazing. Bending time by leveraging technology is key. Get the best of strategy with a social media strategy consultation with a CI Web Group professional.