Steps to Success: 12 Step Road Map

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Keeping up with Google requires constant change…

What’s your attitude, motivation and commitment to deal with the constant Google requirements change which means a constant results change? This will play a big role in your results. In order to play the SEO game, it requires you to have a positive attitude, remain motivated even through the down falls and have a commitment to change what ever is required to pull yourself back up. It is important that you have a solution oriented attitude and a “how do we” vs. “why we don’t” mindset.

When it comes to SEO success site owners have to be patient. As frustrating as it is to hear, SEO is a long term process that builds on itself over time. Momentum doesn’t come quick or easy but you have to remember that every little win each month (a few extra visitors, new keywords or referral links) in a step in the right direction. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s best to buckle in for the long haul and stop looking for ways to ensure instant SEO success. Real, lasting SEO success comes to those who invest in their online brand, work to connect with and engage their target audience and build their industry authority and all of those things takes time if you want to do it right. While some website might see SEO success sooner than others, there are very few (if any) overnight SEO success stories out there.

12 Step Road Map Training

The 12 Step Roadmap program includes 12 critical areas of marketing – you can learn more at

Step 1 Strategy, Coaching and Marketing Retainer

Step 2 Google Apps

Step 3 Mobile App Marketing

Step 4 Website, Blog and WordPress CMS

Step 5 CDN: Content Distribution Network and Coaching

Step 6 CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Step 7 SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Step 8 E-Commerce

Step 9 SMM: Social Media Marketing

Step 10 Local Maps and Places Listings

Step 11 Email Marketing Automation

Step 12 SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Get clear on what you really want
Focus on the right things to help you get what you really want
Execute consistently to accelerate your results


A brief tutorial of the strategic value behind the session
A how to session, teaching you specifically what to do
A homework assignment, giving clear direction on what to do this week!
A review of your work (for those to participate in the live session)

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