Strategic Planning Outline for 2015

Strategic Planning Outline for 2015

Strategic Planning Outline for 2015 with Jennifer Bagley
1. Thinking – Change your thinking change your results!
2. Clarity (vision board, results board)

A. Life

  • Freedom
  • Travel
  • Busy being busy (rocking chair syndrome)
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Relationships (strategic partners, clients, family, friends, children)Health

 B. Long Term, Compounding Results vs. Short Term Temporary Results

3. Focus
4. Execution
5. Product or Service (if it’s only a service, you need to create a product)

A.One Time Sales
B. Recurring Revenue
C. Products
D. Services

6. Brand Review – DESIGN – (you can only attract that which you are, not that which you want… so if you want something different, you have to change YOU!

A. Professional

B. Image

  • Website
  • Print
  • Social
  • Presentations

C. Video

7. Website

A. Design
b. Development

  • WordPress Framework
  • Custom Theme
  • Refresh Plan – New Design/Theme every 24 Months

C. UI/UX – User Interface


A. Pages, Posts, Video Etc.
B. Some for Social
C. Some for Newsletters (email)
D. Some for SEO

9. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

A. Brand and Team Member Search
B. Brand Reviews “ci web group reviews”
C. Primary Product and Service Searches
D. Product and Service Variations
E. Product and Service Locations
F. FAQ’s (Blog Category)

  • 1 Post Per FAQ (SEO Plan)

1. What’s the difference

2. What is

3. How it works

4. Benefits of

5. Risk of

6. How Much

G. Tracking Page Rank vs. Traffic
H. Site Errors

  • MOZ Site Crawler
  • Google Web Master
  • Back Links

I. On Page SEO

  • Titles, H1,2 3 Tags, Tags, Categories, Descriptions, Permalinks, Interior Links, Content, Key Word Usage and Density, Image Titles, Alt Text, etc.
  • Off Page SEO

1. Creation of 3rd Party Links to interior and exterior pages site (credibility)

2. Social Equity/Influence

10. Social Media

A. BASICS – Perception Challenge

  • Professionally Designed FB Page
  • Substantial Traction on Likes
  • Recent Content


YouTube Videos

  • Welcome to Website
  • About Us
  • Testimonials – REVIEWS
  • FAQ
  • Training
  • Product Overviews
  • Benefits
  • How to’s

11. CRM – Customer (contact) relationship management system

a. Web Forms

b. Feeding your CRM

c. Tag, Sort and Message Groups within CRM

12. Power Tools – Operational Efficiencies that can Create More Time!

a. PHONE/Tablet (and apps)
b. CRM
c. Online Invoicing and Payments
d. Private Access for Customers – Membership System

  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Training
  • Information
  • Help Desk
  • Ticket System
  • Customer Support

13. Customer Service and Quality
14. Strategic Partnerships
15. Brain Food – Training and Proper Mentors