The Time Matrix | Leveraging your time to produce maximal results

The Time Matrix

In the 5th session of Step 1 of the 12 Step Road Map to achieve accelerated success, Jennifer Bagley breaks down the secret of how to leverage your time to produce maximal results. She shares the 4 quadrants of the Time Matrix:

1. Important and urgent
2. Important and not urgent

  • HLA’s
  • Work in the pocket
  • Writing
  • Interviews
  • Posts
  • Prep and Organized
  • Automated Tech
  • Outsourcing
  • Multi-tasking – Elegant Solutions

3. Not important and not urgent.
4. Time Suckers.

  • Facebook
  • Bad Meetings
  • Email

Photo of Jennifer BagleyJennifer Bagley is one of the most in-demand Digital Marketing and Business Strategist on the circuit. She is known for her engaging and entertaining style, as well as, her mastery level knowledge of Collaborative Marketing Strategies. Jennifer is the founder of CI Web Group, a Web Design, SEO, CRM Integration, Mobile App Development and Social Media Marketing Agency, the founder of DNet a Collaborative Digital Network and Membership System, the Owner of Sales Supply Chain Consulting and the creator of the 12 Step Roadmap to Accelerated results. She has been speaking professionally for over 15 years. Audiences rave about her ability to provide immediate value to businesses seeking to accelerate their results and grow their business. Jennifer’s background includes executive experience in the areas of Supply Chain Strategy, Technology, Operations, Logistics and Distribution for Nordstrom, Tommy Bahama and Fossil. This experience coupled with over a decade of Sales and Marketing Experience has made her a powerhouse business strategist focused on bottom-line results. This is done through a careful focus on having the right technology, the proper strategy, a collaborative network and the right mindset/behavior.

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