Step 5: Video Marketing

Jennifer Bagley on Video Production and Marketing Strategies


The Power of Video

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group talks about the benefit of video marketing strategies. By leveraging video, you can reduce operational expenses through saved time. By leveraging video as a tool to assist with customer service, training, product overview, website introduction, on boarding, recruiting, and so much more, you can save a tremendous amount of time and resources. These resources are currently spending their time in an inefficient manner. Answering the same questions over and over. The more effective you can become as an organization by automating, duplicating and replicating activities that are repetitive, the greater your profit margins become.

By leveraging video as a sales and marketing tool, you can take your best content, presenters and messaging and digitize it for ever. This video will work for you, your sales team and your company while you focus on other areas of the business.

Video is a permanent assist that works for you for ever! Gaining improved results over time.

Video Compounding Results

This video is about Video-Compounding Results with Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group and founder of the 12 Step Road Map training program. Jennifer discusses the important of how video can create compounding results for your business for the long term.

Using Video to help with Website Conversions

This video is about Video-Website Conversion. Jennifer discusses the 3 types of customers. Video has a 70% retention rate for your customers. Video helps our customers get into the proper mindset to make a decision.

Leveraging Video to Improve Your Digital Footprint with Google

This video is about Video and SEO development. Learn how to leverage video to improve your digital footprint on  google

The importance of building your Social Equity using Video.

This video is about building up your trust factor utilizing video on social media. Jennifer Bagley discusses the importance of developing your social equity by utilizing video technology.

How to use video to improve your lead conversions.

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group discusses utilizing video to connect, engage and convert. Having a professionally done promotional video for your business, message and story can lead to amazing results in your lead conversion into customer.

Using Video to Create Your Digital Asset

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of discusses how video is your permanent asset for your digital footprint. Record your frequently asked questions that your clients ask you and make your videos easily accessible

Jennifer Bagley on Video Reach

Video creates the reach you need to access the world. Your audience is all over several social media platforms and your message needs to be heard. Listen to Jennifer Bagley, CEO of as she teaches all about video and reaching your community.

Video and Client Retention

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group stresses the importance on how video educates and improves client retention rate.

Creating your sizzle with video

Jennifer Bagley CEO of discussing how video can create “the sizzle” for your business.

Creating Your Permanent Assets

Video is your permanent asset which is compounding over time. You can leverage in so many ways by doing a welcome video, education recordings,FAQs for your clients. Video can send your message with ease. Leverage video to increase sales and improve your company operational systems. When possible digitize your best presentation. Video works for you while you do other things. Get in the matrix, the more video you have the more people you can reach.

How Video can save you time and make money.


Video Strategy

Jennifer Bagley, creator of the 12StepRoadMap training discusses how video can save you time which in turn can create more money for your business. Learn more about how to maximize technology by joining our training: