Step 3: Website Design


Website Basics and Analysis 

Session 4/1/2014

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group discusses the different types of websites.

    • Flash
    • Template
    • Flat (dreamweaver, front page, html)
    • Replicated Sites
    • Subdomains
    • Copy Sites
    • Go Daddy
    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Industry Specific
    • Responsive CMS

The Best Practices of Website Design 

Session 4/8/2014

Join Jennifer Bagley CEO of CI Web Group as she discusses more on website design, menu navigation and CTA’s. Jennifer discussed the navigation plan for well outlined websites and the importance of interior pages with great titles and proper SEO.

Understand the difference between flash websites and templates (can’t be crawled the same by goggle as a WordPress Website). Replicated sites (usually are sitting on a replicated site) are a no go from all angles.


Successful Website Strategy and Analysis

Session 4/15/2014

On this session Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group discusses the importance of developing the best website strategy. Web analysis from audience submitted websites were provided by Jennifer.

Jennifer gave real feedback on several websites as the audience participated.

What idea do you need to convey to your clients. It really depends on your clients.

On 12 Step Road Map we focus on learning, success and strategy.

What you decide to do with your time is a decision. The ability to implement is a mindset and is created by your vision.


Web Design Brief With Client

Session 4/22/2014

Jennifer created a web design brief with a live client Ann Powers with

The Design Brief is the initial first step towards the creation of your new website. The idea is to give the design team as much information on what the client needs and wants for their new web look. The different features of the site, CTA’s and lead capture is developed and discussed. Having a great team that will work with you, make changes and send a new version for review is key.


WordPress Orientation

Session 5/6/2014

How to use WordPress Orientation with Jennifer Bagley. Jennifer took the audience through the basics of the WordPress back office. She discussed the difference between static pages versus posts plus several other options for WordPress.

Jennifer demonstrated how to edit existing pages, plus add new pages, posts, events and media. The features of the back office, editor, tab views, etc. were explained.


Google Requirements 

Session 6/10/2014

First we must change our thinking to change our results. One great book by Tony Jeary, One Hundred Business Ground Rules was recommend during the call. Jennifer Bagley discussed the important steps to meeting google requirements.

There are 3 things google is considering

  1. Are you current? (Are you adding new content?)
  2. Are you relevant? (Do you have your articles labeled properly?)
  3. Are you trusted? ( Do you engage and answer the people on your social networks?)

Website Process Strategy

Session 6/25/2014

Website Process Strategy with Jennifer Bagley step by step.  How to prepare for this journey. The basics have been discussed prior starting with Web, Search, Social, Video, Mobile.  There are several things that need to happen to create a proper well-positioned website.

What do you need?  First make sure your coach is a business strategist. You will need help to create a website that will help you convert your visitors to clients. Start with the correct platform which we recommend WordPress. Make sure you have the right team members to include the designers, developers, content is either from you or content writers, ghost writers, social media team and SEO team.


How to make your website interactive

Session 6/8/2014

Jennifer Bagley discusses how to make your website interactive. How to communicate to your audience. Yes, content is king but interaction with your audience, your strategic partners is very important. All of the web experts, developers versus designers, social media versus branding team…..everyone has an important role. First identify each expert in their area and keep them in their bucket.  It takes all experts, but the bottom line it is your job and your strategy mentor to prioritize where you will focus your efforts.

Good Interactive websites will have a great CTA with the company phone# at the top in the header. Often there will be sliders next which are talking directly to your top customers or audience. Remember people are graphic and you want to attract the people that will watch a video more than they will read a blog. Lower into the website before the footer you can display your credentials and sponsors. List to the video for the complete presentation.


Website Design Requirements

Session 7/8/2014

Website Design Requirements – Here is a quick outline of some Website Design Requirements you should consider. 94% of people cite poor design as a reason they do not trust certain websites. Avoid pre-made templates and stock photography. 3 quick tips: Include links to media coverage, logos of prominent clients and showcase social media followers. If your site is old, boring, lacks design or was built by a tripple F (Friends, Family and Fools)… it’s time to invest in your future and preserving your precious referrals who you may be loosing to a poor website design.

Top 10 Website Design Requirements | Website Design Training

For even the most seasoned marketer, website design can be both really exciting (so many possibilities!) and totally daunting (so many possibilities …). There are many more Website Design Requirements, but this is a great start.


People To Avoid While Building Your Website

Avoid Friends, Family and Fools

How many of you have a website? How long ago was it built? What was it built in? So here are the ways you can have a website built. Friends, family and fools! No, No and No and they all should go into your do not call list. Your website is your asset and that is what you own. Beware of people that only work with a specific industry. You want your web developers to be specialist in Google and WordPress.


Blogging Strategy

Blogging is a critical element online. Content can be static info versus dynamic. It is the dynamic (blogging content) that should be categorized in the correct google folder. Creating multiple files will increase your digital foot print on google. It is the social sharing that makes blog content very powerful. Have your content working for you 5…..10 years for the long term. Get on a schedule and give the answers to your customers FAQ’s.