Website Security Updates

CI Web Group

Recently, a security researcher from has discovered a
major security issue in WordPress in its few of its versions which can
cause serious hack loop holes on the site and the server. Thus,
Wordpress has released new WP version with a patch to fix the issue.

To know more about the vulnerability please visit

We are working on updating the newly released WordPress version on all
of our sites. Once the update is done, your site is safe. However some
of the site may have some layout issue after updating. We will be
working on the layout fixes once the updating of all the sites are
completed. Meanwhile if you find any issue with the layout of your site,
please be calm and inform us. We will fix it asap.

To track your issue, we would like to request you to create a ticket
from this page:

Our support team will respond and work on your issue as soon as you send
your request.

Thank You