Website Workout

Hoveln Heating and Cooling

HVAC Digital Training : Website Workout Session

Session 1

On this session of Website Workout Jennifer mentioned working in your business should be sometimes working on your business.
Justin Atkinson with Trinity Event Staffing is a great example. A great CEO, that started with CI Web Group several years ago, has a growing business and expanding. Justin does take the time to work on his business.

Super Air Systems website originally was in tables. So to get their website started their platform was created rather quickly.

Production before Perfection

Jennifer discussed the time you invest on your website is for the long term and does not have to take long if you work smart. Individual pages were optimized during this session for maximal google traffic.

Another great client participated with Hoveln Heating and Cooling. Jennifer went over page labeling, menu changes and focused keyword pages in preparation for their busy seasons coming up.


HVAC Digital Training : Website Workout

Session 2

Great training with Jennifer Bagley as she worked with live HVAC clients in helping them strengthen their digital footprint even further. Clients that participated were Rush Heating and Cooling INC, who is still in the development phase and Folkes Heating INC who has been live for about 4 months.

Key website home elements were discussed and their importance.

Proper SEO, Menu development and SEO friendly written content was demonstrated live for this webinar. Great training for existing website owners wanting to improve your google rankings for your selected keywords focus.


Medical Emergency Website Workout | Is the Doctor in the house?

Session 3

Join Jennifer Bagley on a great Website Workout withTodd Oczkowski DC with Function Medicine Center and Dr. Stanley Franklin with Lewisville Gynecology.  Learn how to develop the proper SEO on several of your internal pages and fine tune your CTA’s to enhance your visitor conversions to a customer.

Taking the time to work on your business and doing the right things that will create permanent ongoing marketing is critical to your online success.


Document Scanning | Tax Website Workout

Session 4

Website Workout with 2 CI Web Group Clients

We Scan Files with CEO Blake Crenshaw

CLG Tax Pro with CEO Chris Given

We Scan Files, Blake Crenshaw recently had a re-design and was laser beam focused on getting more SEO friendly content for his major key phrases.

CLG Tax Pro, with CEO Chris Given had a squeaky clean new website and an overview was done with some keyword development discussed.