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8.13.20 Marketing Automation Strategies to drive New Leads, Opportunities, Upsells and Referrals

Garima October 22, 2020

I know you’re busy, being busy… however, it’s time to pause and learn how to implement a couple of marketing automation systems that will drive new sales, improve top of mind awareness, build your reputation and help you acquire outstanding reviews. During this session, we will show you how to use 2 systems to implement the following – completely on autopilot! Learn how to make money, wow your customers, and build your brand while you sleep! 1. Acquire Customer’s Email and Cell Phones (for email and SMS) – Just imagine 1 mailer campaign that allow’s you to collect your entire database email and cell phone numbers for future marketing – on AUTOPILOT! 2. Tuneup and Maintenance reminders – Just imagine having all of your contacts notified twice a year that it’s time to schedule their tuneup (via mail, email, and SMS) – on AUTOPILOT! 3. Meet your Technician’s via texts – Just imagine being able to send a gif with your techs picture and what to expect when you are on your way – on AUTOPILOT! 4. Instant Virtual Appointments (WITHOUT A ZOOM!) – Just imagine being able to send a text for payment, and jump on a virtual service video appointment in seconds all from your phone app (make money from anywhere) – on AUTOPILOT! 5. Referral Rewards – Just imagine all of your customers getting a branded gift every time a referral they send closes – on AUTOPILOT! 6. Customer Appreciation – Just imagine all of your customers on maintenance agreements getting a birthday cake and card every year – on AUTOPILOT! 7. Collect Payments via Text – Just imagine being able to collect payments via a text link in 10 seconds – – on AUTOPILOT! 8. Get Reviews on Google via Text – Just imagine being able to collect review’s via SMS request – on AUTOPILOT! 9. Hybrid Live Chat and/or AI Chat – Just imagine being able to convert new leads on Facebook and your website 24/7/365 with instant chat – on AUTOPILOT! Times have changed and so should you! It’s time to work smarter not harder! It’s time to leverage technology to accelerate your results!

“The Internet Is Better When You Own It”

Marketing Automation Strategies To Drive New Leads, Opportunities, Upsells And Referrals presented by Jennifer Bagley from CI Web Group.


704-703-5335 is the number to text if you are interested to learn more about the technological tools that will be discussed today. Text “convert”, and we’ll take it from there.

Inspire new ideas with the use of technology. Each one of the pieces of technology are interconnected. Need to conquer your competition? Have all of these elements work together as a more comprehensive solution to reaching your goal of doing more business. It is vital for you to understand that. 

Step 3 and 10 of the 12 Step Roadmap will be the focus of this webinar. The ability to use your database to drive new business. Build your database and leverage it. Make sure that the members of your database are given the due attention right now in order to achieve results.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Meet your customers where they are, on Google. People use the internet, Google and Social Media to find whatever it is that they want, and also to entertain themselves. In order to be an option you have to be visible where they are searching. Set your goal to page one of Google. This is the only way you will be put in the spotlight, especially where there are thousands of pages in the filing drawer. Customers live at home and communicate by text, they always have their phones with them. Meet them at that place. 

Text Your Way To Success

The AI Chatbot is the perfect solution for companies where resources are limited, your hours are limited or you simply just don’t have the time. This makes you available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A series of questions are asked according to the answers provided. The downside to the Chatbot will be the lack of human interaction. This piece of technology is a phenomenal way to accumulate customer information for your database. 

Live Chat is something that offers a more personal experience to your customer. Convert your VOIP line to a textable line. Give your customers options to communicate with you. Text, chat, call or video call are the most popular options for interactions. 

Inside the text and chat system, if incorporated into your website, you can set the chat system up to auto respond with messages if certain words or phrases are used within that chat. Make it easy for your customer to get solutions to what they want now.  For instance using the word finance could prompt application forms to come up or the use of the word products could link them directly to the store in order to shop online. 

The ability to communicate via text with one customer or an audience is a tool that opens up  so many avenues for promotion and deal closing. Attachments can be added to these text messages for further informational purposes and as a means of getting your message across in a way that is easily understood. 

Scheduling Made Easy

Save time and inconvenience by allowing your customers to schedule any time day or night. The trick is make it convenient for your customers to do what needs to be done in the hours that they are free to do them. Many in this day and age don’t have time to make calls and sit on the phone. Customers want to use the technology available to them. 

Reviews Matter

Using the tools provided by CI Web Group allows you to request reviews and to track how many requests have been sent out. Reviews are vitally important to building a brand and reputation. Most customers refer to these reviews when searching online and making a decision on which service provider to use. The more reviews you have, the more reliable you appear at face value for those customers searching the net. 

Business Wherever You Are

The days of running around and getting nothing accomplished are over. You have the ability to completely run your business from wherever you are using technology readily available today. Improve your efficiency and productivity by having the ability to respond now. Yes, you have closing hours but that doesn’t mean business has to stop. By using chatbots and other tools you are effectively open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This in itself creates opportunities that would be missed. 

Build Foundations

There is so much you can do to stand out from the rest if you apply some creativity. It is important to engage your customers. Present opportunities to them that allow them to find out about promotions that aren’t on your website, join maintenance groups or take part in giveaways. Build those foundations and develop repeat customers that are loyal to you. You are never too busy to fill up your calendar now for the next season. 


Build up your collection of campaign documents and advertisements and use that same library to create a customer base that shows interest in these kinds of campaigns. Campaign documents can easily be sent via email, text as well as connected to your social media platforms.

CI Web Group has made it as simple as possible for you to grow your business to new heights. Once the tools are implemented, promoting your business and growing your customer base will be a smooth operation. It is time to conquer the internet and all that it has to offer you as a business. Give your customers what they really want, convenience and ease. Build your brand effectively and stand out from the rest in your industry. 

Stand up and be heard!  Take ownership of your business and create your own future. Stop spending time being busy doing nothing. Take your office wherever you go. Use the internet to its fullest potential. 

Reach out to CI Web Group for assistance, ask questions and receive guidance that is invaluable to your business. Jennifer and her team understand the intricacies of the online realm and what steps to take to put you in plain sight for people looking for your services. The more eyes that see you, the more leads you will receive and the more conversions will be enjoyed. Now is your time to shine.