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MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP – eCommerce Systems and Strategies to Increase Virtual Sales

Michael October 22, 2020

We know it’s a touchy subject… but we think you should join the CEO of CI Web Group, Jennifer Bagley for a powerful webinar focused on making money while you sleep.

Should I show prices on my website or not?

IT’S 2020.



You can make money without driving anywhere.

You don’t need to give your customers to Amazon.

You don’t need to lose prospects to a competitor before you have a chance to speak to them.

You can make it easy for people to reach you any time, anywhere, anyhow they choose.

You can book new leads and appointments while you sleep or rest with no resources.

You can share good, best pricing online and close people who choose the best.

You can trade lead information to give online quotes.

You can automate monthly subscriptions and recurring income payments.

You can include maintenance agreements in financed system packages.

You can automate text reminders to customers for spring and fall tune-ups.

Your customers want to shop online, now more than ever. They want to:

Have the option to sign up for a virtual service (no contact options)

Buy filters and have them delivered directly to their door (and they love to feel good about supporting a local small business)

Purchase maintenance plans and tune-ups without leaving their home

Place orders for fully-installed systems directly online with financing, wifi thermostats, and a maintenance plan


While many contractors are losing sales to online retailers and e-commerce giants, those that are selling online are reporting record sales. We can help you stand out from the competition by allowing you to sell filters, maintenance agreements, tune-ups, fully-installed systems with financing through your own online store. You reach more customers, create a more satisfied and loyal base, and make more money while doing so.

Make Money While You Sleep – E-Commerce Systems and Strategies to Increase Virtual Sales 

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group put together this presentation that is designed to help HVAC dealers reap the benefits of a powerful e-commerce system that’s seamlessly integrated into any website without any cost.

Text “e-commerce” to 704-703-5335 in order to access free links and additional information on the programs on offer as well as the demo and two additional videos which provide more in-depth answers to possible questions.

The Faster Track Cuts Out The Fat

The implementation of e-commerce systems into existing websites is part of the 12 Step Fast Track Roadmap, and now is a time when fast results are necessary. In order to do that it is vital to cut out all unnecessary things that are not valuable in this current climate.

E-Commerce, Tailored To HVAC

Home services providers just like you have already started putting the correct things in place. Things that are in tune with the consumer mindset right now. Consumers today want virtual services. They want to be able to shop online, view prices online and communicate digitally using the technology available today. This technology allows service providers to provide quick responses and convenience to the overall experience for the consumer. HVAC website development is frequently changing and improving. It is vital to keep up with the times. 

Our team here at CI Web Group has gone to great lengths to ensure that our clients have every tool available to them to generate leads and convert sales. Jennifer and her team have provided a way for any service provider to add e-commerce to their existing site. 

Focus On The Things That Matter

There is no need to revamp your website mid-summer. This is when preparations for fall and winter should be taking place. If the site is solid enough from an infrastructure, code and design standpoint then the implementation and integration of a robust e-commerce system onto that site should bear no issues. Do it now! CI Web Group will show you how. The idea is to get results fast. 

Making Money While You Sleep

This demo site, Metro Heat and AC is the website on which CI Web Group tests every system that they want to implement to ensure functionality and ease of use for both service providers and consumers. Systems need to add value to what service providers have to offer. CI Web Group is in the business of creating websites for HVAC contractors that work for the contractor. 

Conversion Tools and Techniques

This is not the time to focus on calls to action or requests for customers to get in touch with you. Our awesome call or text option gives your visitors the opportunity to take action  immediately. This helps you strike while the iron is hot. The ability for the consumer to communicate via chat or text or simply click a button to call opens up a variety of communication channels and processes. The easier and more convenient it is for a customer to reach a service provider, the more conversions will be made. 

AI Chatbots

There are dealers and service providers who are smaller than others. They have less staff, less and less resources. The ability to make use of an AI Chatbot to do the heavy lifting without the need for additional resources has opened up new avenues of business for them. Service providers will be able to communicate to collect contact information on customers and schedule appointments with absolutely no human interaction at all. That means no additional workforce required and no additional staff costs. The AI chatbot works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Personal Touch

For larger companies who have a designated support team, a more personalized approach is often easier to achieve. The implementation of live chats in order to share photographs or discuss proposals can easily be integrated into your existing website. 

Three Systems Go

Three options of e-commerce systems were placed on the table during the webinar.

The Free Intro

The first option, the Intro is free to use and implement. It is recommended that all service providers sign up for this immediately. This option is just our powerful HVAC ecommerce add on. It allows the integration of a products section into a website. Customers can visit the site, choose the product they want to purchase, the frequency that they want to receive this product, the number of parcels per delivery and request auto shipping. The products will be shipped direct from a partner distribution center and your customer’s card will be billed automatically inputted without you ever having to lay a hand on the shipment. This option allows you to customize the product listing and pricing accordingly, and essentially make money while you sleep. 

This is in essence mailbox money for the service provider. Consumers want to support small business. Make it fast, easy and convenient to do so. This is a quick way to secure recurring business. 

The Pro League

Option two is the Pro option. The cost of this option is $99. This allows the service provider to add services to their e-commerce site. Imagine the convenience of offering customers maintenance programs and agreements right then and there and giving them the ability to sign up and subscribe to a service in that instant? It is up to the service provider to customize the plans on offer according to and in line with the services they provide. This method is paperless, easy, fast and convenient. Are you ready to make bank?

Power Play

Option three comes at a cost of $249 and is called the Power Program. It revolves around the inclusion of systems and invoices to the e-commerce site. Customization of the options on offer is easily achieved. Change the services on offer according to the services provided. Allow the customer to input information of what they are looking for and the application and provide them with a good, better and best option. It is at the service providers’ discretion whether they want to provide pricing at this stage or use this system as a lead generation tool to gather client information. 

This section can also be used to identify maintenance programs, warranty information and finance solutions if they are required. There is also the option for a once-off payment. 

Should the service provider prefer to use this system as one of the HVAC lead generation ideas, there is an option to add a card for customers to fill out. The information requested will include name, last name, zip, email, contact number and billing information.

Consumers these days want to see products and pricing. They want to be able to do their homework on your website. This is the chance to show the customer some transparency, collect the lead and go from there. 

Give the consumer the option to buy now, safely, conveniently and easily. Add to cart, check out and select a payment option that suits their situation. Should finance be offered, the selection should allow them to quickly fill in the necessary details and information to get what they want, now.

Adding invoices to the e-commerce system gives the customer the flexibility to pay a particular invoice online. By simply inputting the invoice number and adding it to the card, they can pay without the hassle of coming into your store. Fast, efficient and effective. 

E-Commerce – The Road To Conversions

The addition of simple e-commerce systems to your website provides the customer with options, ease of communication through a number of channels and fast, convenient and easy transactions. The Contact us page is not the main focus of any e-commerce site. Conversion rates are tremendously higher using technology to your advantage. Now is the time to work smarter and not harder!

Back Office Bonus

The back office offers a multitude of additional tools to make use of in every day interactions. Outbound messages can be easily sent through tools in the back office. Simply select a contact, search their number and create the text. Additional staff members can easily be added to any particular text conversation or you can simply transfer the text conversation from one staff member to another. 

E-commerce transactions can be prompted through links sent via text message. For example click the link to make payment for any particular service or product. 

In this day and age, virtual services are becoming more frequent. A virtual service request, confirmation and request for payment as well as a picture of who the customer is talking to  adds that personal touch that is necessary. No customer wants to feel like just another number, they want to feel special, appreciated and acknowledged. 

Attach a form through the back office as a tool to accumulate general contact information for inclusion into the CRM system. 

Keep track of your staff members movements by requesting a location. This is a GPS tagged location which enables a service provider to monitor staff movements at any given time. 

Keep Google reviews rolling in. Ensuring you get loads of regular reviews provides future customers with peace of mind and in turn increases conversion rates. From the back office, a team member is able to send a text request to any customer with a link to provide a Google review as soon as you complete the job. This simply encourages the client to place their meaningful and valuable review on Google much more quickly. 

Invite a customer to a live chat or call. This is especially important for virtual sales and services appointments. Time is money and by preventing unnecessary travel time to a job that can easily be rectified via video call, you save both time and money.  

Instant communication with customers is vital. The back office gives service providers the ability to quickly communicate special offers or promotions to any one customer or group of customers, even the entire CRM. HVAC email marketing and text marketing play a key role in communication with customers in the situation in which we currently live. 

Should a home service call be necessary, making use of the back office to send appointment confirmations to customers as well as a photo and introduction to the technician that will be calling on them is a personal approach that will go a long way in building a relationship with that client.

Insights Tell The Story

Statistics speak the truth. From the back office there are a number of statistics and insights that can be monitored. Easily identify technicians who are making an impression on customers, those who are receiving stellar reviews and of course pinpoint areas that require attention. 

CI Web Group understands the importance of changing and advancing with technology. By making technology work for you, you can achieve greater success at a faster rate and with less work. Now is the time to work smart, get in touch with our team today.