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6.10.20 The Results Plan – Hyper Focused Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Results

Garima October 22, 2020

Webinar date 6.10.20 for Goodman and Amana dealers and distributors

The Results Plan – Hyper Focused Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Results

Business growth is what every business owner seeks. 

When you first attend one of these webinars you are looking at a board filled with circles that are not connected in any way. As you continue to attend, the circles move closer together until they are connected. 

12 Step Roadmap

These 12 steps are a proven process that is followed to reach success. Missing out a step will lead to failure. Each step is interconnected and interdependent on the one before and the one that follows. 

Strategy Creation

When someone is looking for something the vast majority will use Google. They are searching for solutions to their problems. When they do, are you an option? Every marketing strategy is putting your brand, website, and contact information in front of customers who need assistance. Your website is not just a marketing tool, it is the store. How you promote that website is the marketing strategy.

Customers are looking for answers on page one of Google. Are you there? There are a number of ways to get there. These include pay per click, advertising, pay per call, Google maps, organically or through a local directory to name a few. Customers are looking for a specific service in the city in which they live. Those are the guidelines that you need to use when creating keywords and phrases for the pages on your websites which are called primary landing pages. These pages are usually your focus pages for the services you want to put more weight on. It is not a good idea to try and do all the pages at once, select a few and put all your efforts into ranking those first. The pages you choose to focus should match the demand in your area. The keywords or phrases will be what prompts Google to extract your information from the drawer and display it for the customer to see. They would finally have the opportunity to click through to your website and reach out asking for help. 

Local search demand changes as quickly and often as the weather. It is vital to dive head first into this with your marketing team. In this way you will stay on top of the changes in demand (ie. consumer searches) and adjust your strategies accordingly. Searches are effectively the solutions that customers are searching for or have a demand for. It takes a huge amount of data evaluation in order to identify the searches that are best for you. This is where your professional marketing agency will be of extreme importance. They understand the customers, how they think and how to properly evaluate the available data to formulate a winning strategy.

The ideal campaign will have an increased click through rate and a minimized bounce rate. You will find that leads and conversions increase. All marketing does is drive people who have a need to a page that has an answer or solution. This solution is found on the landing page that holds the relevant information. Each page is your single sales tool for that particular service, it is not just a dry web page. This is where you need to include products related to the relevant service, allow troubleshooting on line or sign up for a regular service. 

Design Matters

Getting a customer to click through to your page is one thing, keeping them there is quite another. A beautifully designed website that has attractive pages with engaging content that is relevant to their particular problem or required solution is what will keep your customers on that page and ready to convert. 

Incorporate online services that allow your customer to schedule an appointment with your crew when they want to, day or night. Implement a chatbot that will be readily available to assist your customers at all times. This effectively turns your business into one that is never closed. 

Include images and videos as part of the content. Steer clear of using stock images, rather use pictures of your actual staff team or fleet and even workmen on the job. Create a feeling of trust and remember that your customer has emotional needs that need to be met.


The company information on your website directly affects your conversion rate. Your customer needs to quickly and easily identify how to contact you and where to find you. If they can’t find that information, they would rather go elsewhere where that information is readily available. It is vital that you convert leads in order to grow your business. There is no use having people visiting your site if they don’t buy from you. If they aren’t getting their solutions from you, they are getting them from someone else. 

Getting your business off on the right foot is a matter of doing all the right things in the right order and at the right time.