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7.10.19 How to Increase Lead Conversions on your Website and Social Media Site without Increasing Resources

Garima October 22, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Made Simple Are you ready to enter the lucrative world of Conversational Commerce? How crazy would it be to book service calls when both you and your team are asleep? What if you could replace part of your customer service department with artificial intelligence? Wouldn’t it be nice if no website visitor went unnoticed by leveraging cutting-edge technology round the clock? Truth be told, the customer service field is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to get a digital facelift. Human-like chatbots are slowly taking over several customer-facing industries and HVAC is one. At this point in time, they can’t fully replace human interaction or make your workforce completely obsolete, but they can easily: • Help drive more sales • Increase the return on your marketing investment • Decrease the number of your full-time customer service employees • Make the human face of your brand omnipresent • Offer to troubleshoot on autopilot • Make remarketing a breeze • Send broadcasts at the push of a button • Allow you complete control through Facebook

Derived from “chat robot”, “chatbots” make room for highly interactive, engaging experiences, that can be customized and used on mobile devices, They simulate and stimulate human-like dialogue and you can see them disrupting call center operations, customer service workflows, and personal assistants. Chatbots go beyond giving mere answers. They excel in automating actions. Join us to learn about AI Bot’s and how they can help convert more leads without increasing resources.


How To Increase Lead Conversions On Your Website And Social Media Without Increasing Resources 

Neuro-linguistic processing is the language used by chatbots in order to interact with your customers when you are not available. An AI chatbot is a tool that turns your service from a 9-5 to a 24 hour sales and service centre. The keyword here is “sales”. 

Chatbots are developed in such a way that they are able to become smarter over time. Their responses are formulated according to the information input when in conversation. This is a tool that is invaluable to your business. These chatbots allow your customers to get the information they want when they need it.


This is the least expensive of the chatbots which are recommended for the HVAC industry. The primary logic behind this system is Facebook messenger. It is a common system used in many applications. It is easy to use and navigate. This system is the most customized for the HVAC industry.


This mid-range investment is one of the easiest to implement. It is a reseller program that is sold on by a number of retailers under a variety of labels. The content is simple to use and it works. 


This system requires extremely complicated code and is extremely expensive to implement. This system uses an NLP module which allows it to get smarter without the need for humans to code it accordingly.


You can’t help but fall in love with chatbots! They practically pay for themselves! Your ability to operate 24/7 is made simple and without the need to increase your staff. The implementation of a chatbot allows you to increase your requests for reviews and gives customers the opportunity to do so with ease. Your lead generating spectrum is broadened with leads coming in from everywhere. Take specific systems off your website and incorporate it into your chatbot. A good example of such a system is the troubleshooting system. 

There is a difference between live chat and a chatbot. The chatbot does not require anyone to actually come into the office or manage the chat as is the case with a live chat. The ease of use, cost efficiency and ability to be open around the clock make the chatbot the ideal solution.

Visitor Traffic

The fact that a majority of visitors are accessing through a mobile device indicates that we need to start changing how we think. Websites need to be less complex and easier to navigate. You need to bear in mind that most customers are looking for speed and convenience and that is how your system should operate. It is the time to restructure and adjust to meet customer expectations and needs. When deciding on any change to your website, include your web company in every detail and definitely before purchasing any kind of software.

It is extremely important to change and advance as technology moves forward. Incorporate tools into your website that make it more appealing, easier to use and tools that ultimately allow the customers to get the answers that they want when they want them. It is vital to monitor the traffic and performance of your website in order to effect changes in the future. Knowing where your customers are coming from and exactly where they visit on your website, you are better able to understand your customer base and locate areas that require more work.