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CI Web 201 – Intermediate Digital Marketing: Step 4 – 7 of the 12 Step Roadmap

Michael October 22, 2020

We learned the fundamentals that need to be in place during our 101 Basics Digital Marketing course – and now we will learn what’s included in marketing and when it’s important to implement.

We will review: Local Marketing Reviews Social Marketing SEO – Search Engine Optimization

CI Web 201 – Intermediate Digital Marketing: Step 4-7 of the 12 Step Roadmap

Once you have your brand new, well-developed and well-structured website in place then you are in the perfect position to start with your marketing strategy. There is no use trying to sell something in absence of the above.

There is interesting, relevant content and visual aids right at your fingertips. This can all be found at www.hvacmarketingwebsites.com. Make use of the chatbot on that website to get the answers you are looking for, or to allow us to receive a notification that we need to get hold of you. 

Marketing Predecessor

This game is not an easy one and in order to play you need to know the rules. An overwhelming majority of the human race searches on Google (on a daily basis) for the solutions to their problems. In order for your business to be noticed, all HVAC dealers need to be on page one of Google for the services that they offer in the areas that they want to offer them. If any dealer is not working with one of the top five agencies then they are already left behind when it comes to the crunch. This is not the time for emotional decisions as this is something that will impact your business for years to come. 

Content and Marketing

Your website is your store. In the HVAC world, if your website has nothing on it, you have nothing to sell. In order to file your pages in the correct Google drawer, you need to ensure that keywords which identify your services are evident on the pages. This is what you are selling. You have to be visible for the services you want to sell, in the areas that you want to offer those services. In order to implement a good marketing program, you have to have a website that has pages of value. In order to get calls or close the deals you need to be an option and that equates to the pages you have on your website. These pages need to relate directly to customer demand (which is something our Search Engine Optimisation experts here at CI Web Group do very well). 

You need to do more of what is working, less of what isn’t and start doing what you should be but aren’t. This is where the CI Web team can put you ahead of the competition.

The time factor comes into the equation the higher the competitive number of pages that are found through an organic search. The more competitive pages, the longer it will take to reach the No. 1 spot on page one. CI Web Group has developed a process whereby we build the websites with the relevant pages regardless of whether or not the business has enough content to fill it. This will set the wheels in motion of moving them up the ranking ladder, the content filler can be added as time progresses. 

Our 12 Step Roadmap has been created with a single goal in mind. That goal is progress and success. The program cannot be a success unless all the steps have their boxes checked. This is not the kind of program where steps can be skipped over. The steps work in unison towards a greater end. You must also bear in mind that continuous work will be required on your website, marketing strategy and business.