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Digital Marketing SOS: 5 Ways to Fix a Weak Digital Marketing Strategy

Michael October 22, 2020

HVAC Dealers are spending about 75% of their total marketing budget on digital efforts rather than traditional marketing methods. We are already well on our way to becoming a truly digital world as more consumers find ways to stay connected digitally to the brands they prefer and dealers are meeting consumers where they are

If your digital marketing strategy is now more of a liability than an asset, take a moment to learn how to fix it during this webinar.

In a perfect world, the strategy you have in place to stay connected to your target audience in today’s digital world would produce the desired results indefinitely. You would then be able to enjoy an abundance of website visits, conversions, brand awareness, and the many other rewards associated with a solid, well-performing digital marketing strategy without a care in the world.

In reality, however, digital marketing endeavors, even ones that initially exceeded your expectations, can lose steam over time for many different reasons. These could include a simple failure to make any updates or adjustments as technology and consumer preferences change. Ultimately, a floundering digital marketing strategy can derail your online visibility and kick you right in your bottom line!

But there is light at the end of this particular tunnel. During this webinar, you’ll find five specific ways you can fix an ailing digital marketing strategy that needs some attention ASAP.

Digital Marketing SOS – 5 Ways to Fix a Weak Digital Marketing Strategy

Your marketing plan can be compared to your metabolism. Without a shock to the system it will continue along the same path and hit a plateau. In order to keep your marketing working for you it is vital to shake it up. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting the same mediocre results. Making the necessary changes is frightening for some, but the results always speak for themselves.

Own The Internet, Own Your Brand

When a customer searches for the service you’re offering, are you an option? The internet is better when you own it. You need to ensure that you are an option for every service you want to sell, in the area you want to sell it. Your homepage on your website matters more than what most home services entrepreneurs think. The reason behind this is simple. 90% of the traffic ends their journey there. They either ask for a quote or “bounce”. This does not mean that your interior pages must be ignored. Your customers need to feel good when they click onto these interior pages, eager to get more information. Your brand is vital to your survival and your ability to thrive. The question boils down to whether or not you’re still in the game. 

Starting Out

For those starting out in a new business from the ground up, the hustle is what puts your name out there. Networking, BNI groups, Social media, door to door, these are all important links in the puzzle. At some point, you want to relax on the hustle a bit but not on your progress. Over time the implementation of systems will allow you to free up some of your valuable time, so you can work on your business, instead of in it. Buy your domain, ensure you have a business email preferably through Gsuite, put plans in place that allow you to attract reviews without too much trouble and make use of all the technology and tools available to assist you. Content is king. Make sure that your content is appealing to the customer clicking through your pages. Regularly update the content and keep it fresh and relevant.

All the tasks that lie below the waterline, the areas that people can’t see, aren’t fun and you can expect hard work if you really want to conquer your competition.

Are You An Option?

When it comes to this question there are four areas that require your focus:

  • Google Maps
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Guarantees

What you focus on really depends on where your starting point is and how much competition you have for any given search term. You need to define progress in the correct way. If you don’t you may end up quitting. Where you lie on Google rankings will also make a difference to how you approach your marketing strategy and the areas of focus. Remember that your strategy is never perfect, it is ever-changing and ever-evolving.


How do you change each minute into dollars?  You need to focus on creating a strategy that maximizes your time and revenue. Proof of work and proof of progress are two very different angles on marketing. The first requires a lot of proof of work done for money spent. The second version is usually undertaken by businesses who are a little more settled. This mindset allows you to spend less time reviewing reporting and have less of a need to see proof of work. You are more interested in the progress of your business (Are we making your phone ring?).


Not all your pages will necessarily be income generating pages. You need to focus on an area that may not have as much competition as others and build a page that is mind blowing. As you gain traction and exposure in the industry and you are attracting clients, you can begin to focus on other pages. You need to make a commitment to pull out all the stops in order to extend your focus page in such a way that this brings customers to your website. In essence you create a cash machine which gives you time to focus on other pages without worrying about income and revenue.

Keep track of the following:

  • Where do your pages rank on Google?
  • Where does your focus page or your PPL rank?
  • Is your focus page your money making page?

Trust the agency you employ for the task, collaborate to formulate a plan that will work for you. Rely only on the single report that reflects the KPI’s in order to gauge your progress. Make changes accordingly in order to drive sales. You need consumers to convert.

Build interior pages that are amazing, these are your entry doors for customers.  Give your PPL’s the attention required to ensure that you are an option for your service in the area that you want to offer the service. Ensure that the content on your focus pages is content that converts. Make use of videos, pictures and promotions to elevate your content. When somebody gets to your page based on your PPL, give them the ability to choose based on what they like rather than what you like. PPL link building is vital in building that trust with Google to rank you for your proposed search term.

A professional marketing strategy tailored to your specific goals, circumstances, and objectives will prove vital to reaching your goals.