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Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset

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Lifestyle by Design – Creating a Business with Intention

Garima October 21, 2020

Featuring Jennifer Bagley and Mary Beldon-Megrath from Driven Leadership CI Web Group is a full-service digital marketing and design agency. CI Web Group specializes in web, search, social, mobile, video, email, graphic design, and more. Our clients gain an unmatched advantage when leveraging our international team of experts to “achieve accelerated results”! Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and deliver value even beyond what was agreed upon, and that you thought possible. Google “CI Web Group Reviews” and “Achieve Accelerated Results” to get a small representation of what our clients think about our work and performance. OUR DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIVITIES STRIVE TO ACHIEVE TWO GOALS: Mastery of operation by leveraging technology – doing the right things, in the right order, so that revenue grows faster, technology is perfected to run at peak performance, allowing your business goals to be met. Company Value – growing shareholder equity, and building net worth through continuous improvements on your sales and marketing strategies and execution. CI WEB GROUP DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS: Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Custom Design and Branding, Content Creation, Custom WordPress Website Development, Online Invoicing, ECommerce Development, Learning Management, System Development, Intranet and Membership System Development, WordPress Website Hosting & Support, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogging Strategies, Local Listings And Reviews Management, Email Newsletter Design and Campaign Deployment, Online Reputation Management, Customer Relationship Management Technologies, Mobile App Design and Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video Production and Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations Technology Training

Lifestyle by Design – Creating a Business with Intention

During the lockdown it feels as if time stood still. For many businesses it was truly excruciating to endure. 

The Entrepreneur Mindset

Mindset plays a huge role in whether you thrive or struggle. You can compare two businesses in the same area and industry. While one is thriving (because they have true leaders and everyone works together), the other is struggling because those in the leadership roles take the “my way or the highway “ mindset. There is no trust in the second scenario and no teamwork to reach a mutual goal. 

You have to change your thinking to change your results. 

Whatever you do right now or think right now is why you are where you are today. If you are unhappy or not completely satisfied with every aspect then you need to change your thinking in order to change the results. Your lifestyle is basically by design. You design your future, your mission and your ultimate lifestyle.

Capacity To Take In The New

Capacity or how full are you already will have telling effects on whether you are able to learn, adjust and thrive going forward. While many will go in without the intention of learning anything new because they feel they have reached their capacity for ideas and information, others will be open to learning and trying new techniques and acquiring new information. They will also implement that information into the way they run their businesses and lives. 

More often than not it is simply a fact of being stuck in your ways or living off beliefs that you have been taught from a young age. It is extremely difficult to change that mindset unless you make a conscious decision to do so. You choose to intentionally alter your capacity.

Entrepreneurs – The Hustlers of Life

Desire, competence and capacity are the three attributes that are vital to creating a winning design. Desire refers to how badly you want what you are going after. Competence refers to whether or not you have the know how to get it done. Capacity is whether or not you have it in you to open up and learn something new. 

Many entrepreneurs are missing one of the attributes and until they can completely understand and incorporate all three, they will be lacking in some departments and they may struggle to reach their desired goals. 

Often the realization that something is missing is a painful experience but if you want it enough you will make the necessary adjustments and make the changes to reach your goals. 

HVAC and Beyond

The transition of many of the HVAC companies to online services may be one that is a bitter pill to swallow for many, however, they have to take that step if they want to succeed. The customers are already there, already searching online, already looking for areas where they can be serviced on a no contact basis. It may be fear that has prevented these companies from having taken the step already. It boils down to whether they want it badly enough in order to endure that feeling of discomfort that comes with trying something new. This is the time that you should get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. 

Beliefs Put Up Boundaries

A belief is a passive expression towards the fact that a statement is true or that something exists. These beliefs are however based on principles that they may have been taught from a young age that are old and outdated. These beliefs may be your blindspots and what prevents you from seeing things from a different perspective. The ability to apply reason to what you believe does not make it right. It is time to fix these outdated beliefs.

You need to become consciously aware that what you have been taught may not be an objective reality. You will basically have to unlearn what you have already learnt and start the process again. In this way you will have the capacity to learn new skills and ways of thinking. 

This is a new world, a new time, a new space and it requires a new way of thinking. 

Move Forward

Are you always busy being busy, always moving but never going anywhere? If you answered yes, it is time to re-evaluate and reinvent your business and start moving forward. You need to make time to show progress and thrive. Challenge your thoughts, processes, systems and beliefs. Whatever you are doing right now affects where you are right now. It is either helping you get closer to your goals or further away. It is up to you to evaluate, realize and change accordingly. Ask the right questions to the right people in order to get the right answers. Ask yourself “Is this serving me well?”

As business owners you bear a lot of weight on your shoulders every day. Every emotion or reaction has an affect on how productive you are. Think before you strike out. Your brain can not look past the problem to a solution when you are feeling frustrated or angry. Be conscious of what is being planted in your mind and of whether or not you are fostering positivity or negativity. You have the control!

What’s Wiring Your Mind Right Now?

Your daily routine gives you an opportunity to set the mood and determine how successful you are each day. Make an effort to make decisions that will allow you to reach your goals. In order to give your best to everyone else you have to make sure that your needs are filled on an emotional level. Put yourself in a position to control a situation rather than have the situation control you. 

Real Change

In order to force real change you have to change what you are doing. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results. 

Being unconsciously unaware is when you don’t know that you don’t know and you are not bothered by it. It is not a good place to be. By being consciously unaware you ultimately realize that there are certain things that you don’t know and you want to find out what that is and start asking questions. Consciously aware is where you want to get. This is where you create new beliefs. This is where you gain the ability to make choices. You will always attract more of what you are.

You are the one who determines your level of success. Do you want to stay in the same place or thrive going forward? Open your mind, make the changes and see the results.