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Reinvent Yourself: Marketing, Messaging And Mindset

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Reinvent: Week 2 Training – Change is A Difficult Necessity For Survival

Garima October 21, 2020

CI Web Group is a full-service digital marketing and design agency. CI Web Group specializes in web, search, social, mobile, video, email, graphic design, and more. Our clients gain an unmatched advantage when leveraging our international team of experts to “achieve accelerated results”! Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and deliver value even beyond what was agreed upon, and that you thought possible. Google “CI Web Group Reviews” and “Achieve Accelerated Results” to get a small representation of what our clients think about our work and performance. OUR DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIVITIES STRIVE TO ACHIEVE TWO GOALS: Mastery of operation by leveraging technology – doing the right things, in the right order, so that revenue grows faster, technology is perfected to run at peak performance, allowing your business goals to be met. Company Value – growing shareholder equity, and building net worth through continuous improvements on your sales and marketing strategies and execution. CI WEB GROUP DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS: Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Custom Design and Branding, Content Creation, Custom WordPress Website Development, Online Invoicing, ECommerce Development, Learning Management, System Development, Intranet and Membership System Development, WordPress Website Hosting & Support, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Blogging Strategies, Local Listings And Reviews Management, Email Newsletter Design and Campaign Deployment, Online Reputation Management, Customer Relationship Management Technologies, Mobile App Design and Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Video Production and Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Operations Technology Training

Week 2: Change Is A Necessity For Survival

The second week of our webinar series proved as fruitful as week 1. This week Jennifer decided to take a no-agenda approach and physically show participants exactly how to access all the free tools we created. 

These cutting-edge solutions are relevant to the current situation and can be implemented immediately. Afterall, the current economic and social climate is one that requires fast relentless action and adaptability. 

How Do You Access Your Free Tools?

First things first, visit Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select the tab that says free tools. There will be a number of different sections within this free tools tab. There will be a form to fill out. Jennifer has asked that you take the time to fill out this form with as much relevant information as possible. The form will change from week to week in accordance with your questions and what is relevant at the time. Please don’t be afraid to fill it in. This is how we ensure that the tools we provide are what is necessary right now, tailored to your needs.

Webinar Registrations

One of the questions you will need to answer is whether you would like to be registered for the webinar series. By selecting yes, you will be registered for the upcoming webinars. There are 16 webinars planned in this series after which a new webinar series will be created and presented. The current webinar, which this tutorial is a part of, is intense and will move fast. Be prepared to absorb a lot of useful information that you can use in your business now.

It is important to provide feedback on previous webinars that you have attended. This allows our company to gauge the relevance of what is being taught.

Safety Protocol

Within the tools tab you will find a number of safety letters that you can incorporate into your website to show your clients that you are adapting to the surrounding social climate. Let your customers know their safety is your concern. They need to understand that your service is moving with the current times. That you are taking every precaution and that social distancing is your main priority. Make your customers understand that the only time you actually need to physically be present at their homes is to complete the work. Everything can be completed effectively and efficiently online.

Recreate Your Website To Reinvent Your Company

If you don’t have one, get one now! If you do have one, now may not be the best time for you to try and make big changes yourself. There are a number of different kinds of websites, depending on your budget. Marketing websites are one of the most important at the moment. The most important thing to focus on in this kind of website is content creation. Keep your website updated with interesting and valuable content. Great content is synonymous to search engine authority and it’s guaranteed to increase your Google rankings. Every dollar you spend at this moment could be making you several dollars in return and gaining you a solidified spot in the market. Invest your money into something that has a permanent, long-term, compounding impact on your business.

A Variety of Advertising Options

At the moment, your customers are at home and online. They are noticing home repairs that must be done and frantically schedule service calls. They are doing online schooling with their children. They are no longer at work the whole day and coming online at night. Your audience is now spending their time watching the news before going to bed.

Your potential customers are online!

Facebook and Google are the go-to platforms that are in the spotlight and that’s where you need to be visible.

Launch a Virtual Sales and Service Center

Going Virtual Is The Name Of The Game

With most people cooped up in their homes, you have the ability to provide a vast majority of your services online. With the fear of social distancing, the only time consumers want to see you is when the work is being done.

Our tools offer you the ability to make these drastic yet required changes. Your customers need to know you are able to use technology to assist them in getting what they need completed. Inform your clientele that video calling, virtual inspections and assessments are a viable alternative. Using FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, you can now service your customers from a distance. Our proprietary online scheduling system, and VSS solutions help you get paid by removing all obstacles from the sales process.  Make use of virtual diagnostics where possible and get paid for it.

Make use of our How To Work From Anywhere Guide to the maximum possible extent. There’s all sorts of advice in there. From Virtual Marketing Websites and Video Chat Solutions all the way to Financing, Bookkeeping, and Operations procedures for the new normal. For example, if you have a normal landline in a fixed office, you can divert the line to your VOIP phone. It is time to get out of that one office environment and get mobile.

Don’t be quick to think that this won’t work, or that it isn’t possible. There are companies, some of CI Web Group’s lifelong clients who are thriving by leveraging online services such as these.

AI Chatbots, The Technological Advancement

AI is the way forward.

Making use of a chatbot ensures that your customers always have “someone” online to assist them.  Using keywords, the chatbot will guide your customer and  close the deal with just a few clicks on the keyboard. The wonderful thing about making use of a chatbot is that you don’t physically need anyone in front of the computer permanently, however, your clients will still feel they are being attended to with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Messages relayed through the chatbot show up in your Facebook messenger, on your phone, on your email and any other messaging platforms you have registered. This allows you immediate access to customer requests. Consumers are taken care of on demand regardless of your schedule.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

One of the tools available is a high-end CRM system. This is completely different from other operational systems. The scheduling system allows you to seamlessly respond to requests. The system allows a customer to manage their own bookings. Diagnostics are included in the system setup. Customers are assisted quickly and efficiently. The system has the ability to recognize returning customers through personalized accounts for each one. Payments can be made online as well.

Maintenance plans form part of your services. This makes up a fair percentage of your income. Your customers can now sign up for a variety of maintenance plans online. You need to have credit card payment facilities on this system now. Monthly recurring revenue is vital!

Going the Extra Mile

In this day and age, entrepreneurs have to go the extra mile in order to ensure that your customers always come first. Offer value-added services as part of your routine work as a gesture to your clients. The tools offered by CI Web Group free of charge are designed to help you regain control, reach more people in need of your company, and ultimately service your customers to the best of your ability. 
If you want to watch the whole webinar series, click here.